Market Potential Analysis of inverter in future years

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-24
Since the introduction of the 12th Five-Year Plan, energy conservation and emission reduction is the key to the development of all walks of life. At this time, the application of various energy conservation and environmental protection products is more extensive and the prospect is clearer. Benefiting from the strategies of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, inverter, as an important equipment in the field of variable frequency speed regulation, has great market potential in the next few years. In large-scale distributed renewable energy power generation, frequency converters play an important role in both power electronics technology and information communication technology. It is possible to realize all the benefits of distributed and centralized renewable energy systems through frequency converters, residential owners and public utility operators. The inverter industry has begun to face the changing era of concentrated technological innovation, which is also a chaotic period. According to a survey by PikeResearch, the global inverter market for renewable energy sources will reach 7. 2 billion US dollars in 2011. It is predicted that the scale will double in the next five years and will exceed 190 US dollars by 2017. Driven by the strong power of industrial energy conservation, the inverter was initially used for speed control. With the development of technology and the increasing demand of society for energy efficiency, it is gradually used in the field of energy conservation. According to estimates, the power saving rate of motor systems using frequency converters is generally about 30%, and in some higher occasions it can reach 40% ~ 60%, the energy saving effect is remarkable. Nowadays, frequency converter has become the development direction of motor energy conservation. According to reports, the frequency conversion speed regulation technology was used earlier in the coal industry as a mine hoist. At present, frequency converters have been widely used in developed countries for speed regulation of belt conveyors or starting control of belt conveyors, speed regulation of fans and speed regulation of water pumps. In addition to improving the transmission performance, the inverter used in the above equipment can save energy. 1234 Next Page>
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