Market Analysis of inverter industry in 2015

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-01
The background of frequency conversion technology is the extensive demand for stepless speed regulation of AC motors. The application of traditional DC speed regulation technology is limited due to its large volume and high failure rate. After 1960s, Thyristor and its upgraded products were widely used in power electronic devices. However, its speed regulation performance is far from meeting the needs. High-tech enterprises represented by Danfoss began mass production of frequency converters in 1968, opening a new era of frequency converter industrialization. With the automation process of domestic manufacturing industry, the competition in China's inverter industry will become increasingly fierce, and domestic inverters have been greatly impacted. On the premise that the technology obviously lags behind foreign developed countries, domestic enterprises must find another way, seek new development points. The competition pattern analysis of the inverter industry related to the development point of the domestic market shows that the inverter industry has attracted new participants in the industry due to its attractive market and considerable potential capacity, while the existing market has formed a certain scale, the development is becoming more and more mature, and the future resource plunder and market war will be inevitable. With the continuous progress in technology, the stability of product quality has gradually improved, and the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers will become stronger with the advantages of service and price. Policy direction development point the 12th Five-Year Plan proposes to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry, in which developing advanced equipment and promoting the manufacturing industry from big to strong has become the direction to guide the future development. Frequency conversion technology will be further promoted in the field of industrial speed regulation and precision control due to its excellent performance. In particular, the future development of low-voltage frequency conversion technology widely used in manufacturing industry is closely related to automation transformation and equipment upgrading. Demand direction development point, from the demand side, the inverter is gradually moving towards diversification, the emergence of universal and special products is to meet the diverse needs of users. In addition, inverter manufacturers also pay more attention to product quality and use safety, and actively seek greater breakthroughs, so that the inverter can work well in harsh environments, and ensure safe use and normal production of users. In addition to the above three aspects of development, energy conservation is also a hot development direction, and frequency conversion technology is also in the process of changing from speed regulation to energy conservation. We have reason to believe that the domestic inverter industry is changing from simply providing products to providing users with systematic solutions, from the import of high-end products to the rapid rise of domestic brands and gradually open up the international market. Industrial control China believes that in the future, China's inverter industry will surely rise.
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