Manufacturers introduce the basis of linear motors

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-20
Advantages of linear motor 1. The linear motor with simple structure can directly perform linear transformation without passing through an intermediate conversion mechanism, thus greatly simplifying the structure and reducing the motion inertia, the dynamic response performance and position accuracy are greatly improved, the reliability is improved, the cost is reduced, and maintenance is made easier. Primary and secondary can be direct components of an organization, and this unique combination makes these benefits more obvious. 2. High acceleration, this is a linear motor driver, which has obvious advantages over other lead screws, synchronous belts, rack and pinion drivers. 3 is suitable for high-speed linear motion. Since there is no limit to centrifugal force, even ordinary materials can achieve higher speed. In addition, when an air gap or magnetic pad is used to store the gap between the primary and secondary, there is no mechanical contact during the movement, so there is no friction and noise in the moving part. In this way, the transmission parts will not wear, thus greatly reducing mechanical loss and avoiding noise caused by streamers, cables, gears and pulleys, thus improving the overall efficiency. 4. The utilization rate of primary winding is high. In Tubular linear induction motor, the primary winding is round and there is no end winding, so the utilization rate of winding is very high. 5. No side effects. Lateral effect refers to the weakening of the magnetic field at the boundary due to lateral failure, and the magnetic field is evenly distributed along the circumference because the cylindrical linear motor has no lateral failure. 6. It is easy to overcome the problem of segmented magnetic pull. The radial traction forces cancel each other, and the single-sided magnetic traction forces are basically no problem. 7. It is easy to adjust and control. By adjusting voltage or frequency or changing auxiliary materials, different speeds and electromagnetic thrust suitable for slow reciprocating applications can be obtained. 8. Adaptability, the primary iron core of the linear motor can be sealed with epoxy resin, has good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, and is easy to use in humid, dusty and harmful gas environments, and can be designed into various structural forms according to various situations. It is necessary. Disadvantages of long stroke linear motor, high speed and high precision linear motor 1. Low efficiency and power factor Tubular linear motors have lower efficiency and power factor than rotating motors of the same capacity, especially at low speeds. The reasons for this are as follows: the ratio of electromagnetic gap to magnetic pole spacing is usually large, the required excitation current is also large, and the loss increases. The end of the primary iron core is broken, resulting in longitudinal edge effect. Problems such as waveform distortion and results can increase losses. 2. The starting thrust is easily affected by voltage fluctuation. In the case of low speed and high slip, a relatively constant initial thrust is usually required, but when the power supply voltage fluctuates, the power supply voltage must be relatively stable due to the large change of the initial thrust. 3. The working speed range is limited by the pole distance of the motor. When the output frequency is constant, the running speed of the motor is highly dependent on the pole distance of the motor. Generally, the pole distance cannot be too large or too small, therefore, the speed must also be limited to a certain range. It is usually necessary to add frequency conversion equipment to the transmission system requiring low speed. 4. The feed is more complicated. For linear primary motors, higher speed or longer stroke will make the feed more complicated. 5. The heat dissipation condition of the tubular linear motor is worse than that of the planar linear motor, which limits the allowable electrical parameters of the motor and the thrust of the motor. Therefore, the cylindrical linear motor is not suitable for high-power motors. TAG linear motor
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