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Machine Tool Industry Project

Machine Tool Industry Project


In 2000 year, We attended “National CNC lathe- control performance competition”, The competition site’ of the game shown as picture, V&T products won the first place in the competition. Performance test results are as follows:

◆ Supporting 1000Kbps high-speed communication;

◆ Drive spindle 180 thousand rpm successfully to operate;

◆ For the spindle closed-loop control: the inverter with orientation servo features.

◆ For the spindle open-loop control: Diversified vector control methods to adapt to various machine tools.

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National CNC lathe- control performance competition and V&T products

SMTCL -- The World Largest Machine Tool Manufacturer
Established: 1935   Stock Code:SHE000410
Turnover in 2015: 0.99 billion $
Industry : CNC lathe

Engraving and milling machine/drilling machine Project ,V5-H-H3

◆ For Open ring spindle equipment, using V5-H-Z9,  bigger cutting force , high speed stability and precision

◆ For Closed-loop spindle equipment, we use V6-H-M0 board to realize multi-point positioning.

◆ Grinding machine, using V5-H-H3, this machine is characterized by high speed and stable operation

◆ High-speed communication, using V5-H-M4 terminal 485 supports 500K rate for communication.

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Printing and Packing Industry
Machine category:

◆ Cutting machine and compound machine, waste edge machine/rewinding machine

◆ Plastic blowing machine, indentation machine and coating machine

◆ Leather machine, fishing net weaving machine, paper making machine, corrugated paper cutting machine, mesh printing machine, material receiving machine

Application characteristic

◆ High performance vector control and torque control technology can achieve the constant linear speed control and constant tension control;

◆ Applicable for devices of cutting machine, coating machine, paper-made machine, printing machine, compound machine, rolling dyeing machine, etc.;

◆ Torque control without encoder speed feedback and it can replace torque motor widely.

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Changjiang machinery Paper printing machinery

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Degao Paper printing machinery

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Paper machine in Henan province

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Foshan Xinfei paper cutting machine

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Laminating machine

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Plastic film winding machine

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Dongguan harvest roll leather terminal customer debugging site - Leather winding machine

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Leather winding machine

Crane Industry

We participated in Hangzhou High-speed railway station construction, it has been used 4 units of 37kW Crane Inverter successfully.

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Application characteristic:

◆ Excellent torque control, reliable brake control sequence;

◆ Professional crane control functions: speed monitoring, torque monitoring. Torque verification, power optimization, position processing, intelligent deceleration,etc.

◆ Extensively apply to: port, shipping, ocean engineering, mine, architecture, metallurgy, factory and various kinds of lifting machines.

Air Compressor Industry

◆ High precision vector frequency conversion;

◆ Closed-loop constant pressure control;

◆ Multi-machine networking control

◆ Energy saving can reach to 20%~50%;

◆ Intelligent sleeping and low voltage awakening

◆ Standard converter solution, specific converter solution for air compressor, integrated cabinet solution for air compressor energy saving are optional.

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It is  gantry crane in Xinjiang Province

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