Lu Yongxiang: co-ordinate and coordinate, build a co-creation platform, and promote the construction of a strong industrial foundation

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-27
Lu Yongxiang, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and director of the National Manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, pointed out that the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy has been under the guidance and promotion of the national manufacturing power construction leading group for more than two years, all parties responded positively, worked hard to explore and made positive progress. The position of the world's largest manufacturing country is more stable and its innovation capability has been greatly improved. Major landmark achievements such as large aircraft and China Standard EMU are constantly emerging, the manufacturing structure is continuously optimized, and the unit added value and energy consumption are cumulatively reduced by 29%. While seeing the achievements, we must clearly realize that the benefits of China's industrial quality development are not high, and the problems of unbalanced and insufficient development are still prominent, mainly manifested in the lack of key common technologies, some basic key materials and new technology components and components are still imported, the basic manufacturing technology is backward, and the achievements in the promotion and application of advanced industrial technology standards are not high enough. These problems and short versions seriously restrict our country's innovation ability. The improvement of the competitiveness of product quality brands has become the bottleneck for the independent development of the industry and the enhancement of its core competitiveness, and is also the crux that restricts China's industry from becoming stronger. In recent years, with the continuous support of the industrial strong foundation project and the joint efforts of everyone, we have broken through key technologies, products and processes and solved the neck problem of some overall equipment, it has laid a good foundation for building a powerful manufacturing country and developing advanced manufacturing industry. In order to continuously promote the construction of industrial Strong Foundation projects, efforts must be made in the following aspects: first, overall coordination and promotion of collaborative innovation. We should not only strengthen the internal coordination and cooperation of the strong industrial foundation, but also further grasp the package of breakthrough actions and one-stop application plans, it is also necessary to strengthen the cooperation and coordination between the industrial foundation and other engineering action plans of China Manufacturing 2025 and the national key research and development plan to form a joint force. The second is to build a co-creation platform, promote the collaborative innovation of production, study and research, and support the market-oriented and enterprise-centered collaborative innovation system of deep integration of production, study and research, focus on building a network-based collaborative innovation platform and a new ecology, promote public innovation, start a business, and continuously enhance the system, mechanism and vitality of collaborative co-creation. The third is innovative thinking to push the industrial foundation to a new level. The internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. have become new means and engines, and have also put forward new requirements and expanded new connotations for the strong industrial foundation. We should vigorously promote the deep integration of the internet, big data and artificial intelligence, pragmatically expand new measures for strong foundation projects, and consolidate the solid foundation for industrial development in the new era.
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