Linear stepping motor and maglev train

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-04
General Motor operation is rolling. But vehicles driven by rotating motors ( For example, electric cars on roads and trams in cities, etc) It is required to do linear motion, and some parts of the machine driven by a rotating motor also need to do linear motion. This requires an increase in a set of equipment that turns rotary motion into linear motion. Can you directly use a linear motor to drive and then save this suit? People raised this question decades ago. Now a linear motor, I . e. a linear stepping motor, has been made. Linear stepping motor is a new type of motor, which has been widely used in recent years. The maglev train is driven by a linear stepping motor. Maglev train is a brand-new train. For a general train, because there is a conflict between the wheel and the Rail, the progress of the speed is constrained, and the maximum running speed it can reach does not exceed 300/n. The maglev train is to suspend the train with magnetic force, so that the train and the guide rail are separated from the touch to reduce the conflict and improve the speed. The train is pulled by a linear stepping motor. One stage of the linear stepping motor is fixed on the ground and extends to the distance together with the guide rail; The other level is installed on the train. The primary communication is communicated, and the train travels along the guide rail. The train is equipped with magnets (Some are coils of linear motors) When the magnet moves with the train, the coil on the ground (Or metal plate) Induced current occurs in, the magnetic field of induced current and the magnet on the train (Or coil)The electromagnetic force between them suspended the train. The advantages of suspended trains are stable operation, no fluctuation, low noise and little traction. The speed of suspended trains can reach 550 km/h with only a few thousand kw of power. When the suspended train decelerates, the change of the magnetic field decreases, the induced current also decreases, the magnetic field weakens, and the suspended force decreases. The suspension train is also equipped with wheel equipment. Its wheels are like airplanes. They can be put into the train in time when they are trekking. When they stop, they can be put down to support the train. In order to make a train of great quality suspended by magnetic force, a strong magnetic field is required, and a high-temperature superconducting coil is required to generate such a strong magnetic field. In addition to being used in maglev trains, linear stepping motors are also widely used in other fields, such as transmission systems, electric pneumatic hammers, electromagnetic mixers, etc. In our country, linear stepping motors are gradually being promoted and used. Although the principle of linear stepping motor is not messy, it has its own characteristics in planning and manufacturing. The products are not as sophisticated as rotating motors and need further discussion and improvement. Label: linear stepping motor Related reading: energy saving effect of stepping motor, how to correctly select servo motor and stepping motor TAG linear stepping motor, maglev train
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