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1. The field equipment
Inverter model: V5-H-4T-3.7G/5.5L-H3
Motor nameplate: 380V, 2.2kw (1 unit), 4 poles, 5.0A, 1420r/min;380V, 1.5kw (2 units), 4 poles, 2.7A, 1420r/min

2. The application
For elevators and traveling machines in the galvanizing industry, 3.7kw inverter controls 3 motors (with electromagnetic brake), 2.2kw for lifting, 2 1.5kw motors for left and right walking, the output side of the inverter The contactor, the auxiliary contact of the contactor is used for the start signal of the frequency converter.

3. Debug parameters (non-factory parameters)

4. Debugging problems
When going to the site to start debugging, each fault is EFAL short-circuit type to ground, the control board is replaced, the fault is not eliminated, and the fault of the inverter is not eliminated. Each fault is EFAL short-circuit type to ground. A situation was found on the scene: there were three inverters of our company on the site, and the motor line of the inverter that reported the fault was the longest. Since the fault was not eliminated after replacing the inverter, it means that our inverter has no problem. But the reasons for the scene need to be found out.
Processing steps:

  1) Check the fault record and find that the fault frequency d0.05 is not the given frequency during operation. It can be presumed that it is the fault reported during acceleration and deceleration, and the acceleration and deceleration time is 0.5s. The long-term acceleration and deceleration will cause the motor to heat up. As a result, the insulation of the motor is reduced, so the acceleration/deceleration time is increased by 1.5 s. It is observed that the fault has been reported for a long time, which proves that it is not the cause of the acceleration/deceleration time.

  2) Since the inverter is replaced or the fault is reported, the problem is not in the inverter, and the carrier frequency is also changed. It is not possible to check the output line. It is found that the screw of the contactor is not tight, and there is a terminal for the motor. The screws slipped, and all the wires were tightened once. This operation did not report the fault until the afternoon of the next day. It is very likely that this is the reason. Of course, there may be interference factors. It is recommended that the user be in the inverter. The output end is added with a magnetic ring, and the user basically accepts the opinion, affirming that the quality of the inverter is ok.

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