Large capacity of high voltage frequency converter will gradually into the industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-13
Large capacity of high voltage inverter is widely deep into various industries, such as industry, steel, building materials, power plant, etc. Its energy saving, energy saving, easy to form the significant advantages of application frequency control of motor speed control system technology is energy saving, efficiency of an effective way. Especially in the high energy consumption, low output more energy-using equipment enterprises, using variable frequency speed regulating device can get huge economic interests, enterprise will be used and it is also the need of sustainable development of national economy. For the present stage of development plan, the think tank, said an official with the main light energy-saving industry is a reasonably industry, energy conservation service industry and other Everyone & throughout; Industry, there is no secret, no monopoly, wisdom light willing to exchange with you, cooperation, together to promote the progress of high voltage frequency conversion technology; Energy saving of light energy saving as the registered capital of RMB services company, is willing to work with other energy saving service companies to contract energy management or other mode of cooperation do more energy-saving renovation project; In future development, strengthen technology and service innovation is very necessary, only in this way can preempt the market, with the future, wisdom will not afraid of light & other; Dangerous & throughout; And go forward.
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