Ke lu electronic unit 72. 46 million yuan wind power inverter sales contracts

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-16
OFweek industrial control network: late on September 10, bulletin boards, lu company subordinate subsidiary of sichuan branch can land a new electric co. , LTD. ( “ The seller & throughout; ) Recently and dongfang electric group dongfang turbine co. , LTD and its subsidiary wholly owned subsidiary, “ The buyer & throughout; ) Signed a number of '1. 5 mw wind power inverter procurement contract, the total amount is 7246. 80000 yuan. This batch of the parties to the contract has been signed, the sichuan new can on September 9, 2013 received all the original contract. The contract amount for 5 of the company's 2012 annual revenue. 16%. After the contract comes into force, the sichuan new can according to the contract schedule production and delivery of the goods. According to the company's revenue recognition principles, the contract is expected in 2013 and 2014 annual delivery and affirm income, step by step for the implementation of the contract will be in sichuan new can have a positive impact and the company's future performance. Company said that the signing of the contract for the company to further expand the new energy market, which has laid a good foundation to improve the status of the company in the new energy industry, in line with the company in the smart grid, new energy access and trinity industry layout of energy saving and emission reduction. Company will continue to do a good job of cultivating new business growth point, in order to guarantee the company stable, sustained and healthy development.
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