Kangyuan electric CDE301 overloading type inverter parameters explanation

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-24
Characteristics CDE301 series inverter is designed for the starting torque, or greater instantaneous load mutation situation specially designed an overloaded type vector frequency converter. Power range: 5. 5 kw to 500 kw, INPUT: 3 ph, 380 v power grid voltage. Product features 1. Over current, overload ratio is bigger, can bear big load of stamping for a short period of time. 2. SVC current vector control mode, V/F control mode is optional. 3. V/F curve more Settings, flexible configuration. 4. Motor parameters self-tuning function. 5. Multifunctional programmable input/output port, programmable relay output. 6. The built-in PID controller, convenient customer for simple flow, pressure closed loop control; Support single pump constant pressure water supply control, with functions of sleep, wake up. 7. Perfect over-current, over-voltage, lack of equal a variety of protective measures, the maximum to protect the customer's equipment and frequency converter. 8. RS485 serial communication interface, support the MODBUS international standard communication protocol, convenient networking, PC monitor. 9. Unique adaptive control and PWM modulation technology, to make the control to achieve optimal performance. Applications of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, building materials, coal, medicine, food, papermaking, plastics, printing and dyeing, lifting, cables, washing, water supply, hvac, sewage treatment and other industries, form a complete set of machinery, wire drawing machine, mixer, extruding machine, cutting machine, winding machine, compressor, blower pump, grinder, stone sawing machine, conveyor, hoist, centrifuge machinery and all kinds of speed adjustment.
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