Joe KaiSa: refuse 'mediocrity' Siemens path of change

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-09
Founded in 1847, Germany's oldest industrial giant Siemens company to the 170th year this year. With the development of digital technology and activist investors under increasing pressure, traditional industrial giants are facing unprecedented challenges. And lead the Byzantine giant Siemens turned and, to a more flexible diversified business management pattern in the digital occupy the leading position of the industrial era, it is already working in Siemens for nearly 40 years of 'veteran' - — Siemens group CEO Joe KaiSa ( JoeKaeser, hereinafter referred to as 'KaiSa') 。 In 1980 after graduating from business department, KaiSa joined Siemens, almost all important business unit in Siemens served as important position, has successively served as department's chief financial officer and the group's chief strategy, takes office experience across Asia, the americas and Europe. KaiSa formally as Siemens group CEO in 2013, four years in office, he took out of the previous Siemens 'bribery' and so on a series of shadow, share prices soared nearly 50%. Under the guidance of KaiSa, Siemens is building a new 'fleet', the 'decentralized' management mode will keep the Siemens business in Siemens brand at the same time, have a greater degree of development. Joe KaiSa ( JoeKaeser) Create 'decentralized' fleet of Munich in December, at 8 a. m. day just bright, Siemens headquarters have been gathered from around the world before investors, analysts and journalists. This is the headquarters of Siemens commissioning, has 1200 employees working here. A ground has been up to four storeys high post, printed on the all company executives with all the colors of the visible for the understanding of enterprise culture, they become one bright English symbols: passion, commitment, influence, etc. The reporter just walked into Siemens office, haven't had time to take off the cold winter coat, a white-haired old man walking up the greeting: 'hello, I'm KaiSa, welcome to the Siemens! 'And many people impression in the rigid old German managers serious style is completely different, dressed in a suit of KaiSa, with a green slacks, very spirit. At half past eight, KaiSa speech on the stage on time. From his speech, the reporter can feel, a old man spent a lifetime in the manufacturing industry, how to calmly cope with the impact of information technology innovation. KaiSa no longer believe in the traditional industrial model can also make a one hundred enterprises survive, he advocated enterprises should strive to innovation. The giant company, if not the level of the amazon or Google, activist investors mainly want to hear let business apart. KaiSa though openly rejected the business break up, but since he took office, has done a lot of work is to make activist investors to quiet down. He should continue to emphasize more and more aware of the financial books and find a balance between company's future development. KaiSa said, you have to make short-term and long-term goals as much as possible close. In this way can make activist investors to shut up. Or they will say: 'your performance didn't meet expectations, I want you to do this or do that now. 'Can not be ignored is that activist investors are aggressively into Europe. Such as hedge funds DanLoeb ThirdPoint in recent nestle 3. 5 billion euros buying stocks, and requires nestle sells cosmetics giant l 'oreal shares; Swedish Cevian capital also rival of the target for Siemens, ABB and Ericsson Cevian pressure ABB business stripping power grid. The Netherlands chemicals giant akzo Nobel is Elliott and hedge fund management group game ownership issues. The United States are also facing the same problem, ThirdPoint also has been pressing to honeywell, ask its split air operations; General electric ( GE) Company to curry favor with the activist investor Trian fund management companies, has made a major business adjustment, including the sale of consumer goods business, focusing on heavy industry. The next page> 1234
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