Jiangxi green inverter technology for state aid, 6 million

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-19
OFweek industrial control net news: the author learned from the provincial development and reform commission, declare in jiangxi green inverter technology r&d platform project in strategic emerging industries, 2013 ( Energy) Special. Principle of countries agreed to give the central budget for investment subsidies of 6 million yuan. The development platform project belongs to the jiangxi green inverter electrical technology co. , LTD. , with a total investment of 200 million yuan, the central budget for investment support enterprise purchase science experiment, testing, product development, pilot equipment related costs, such as relating to the investment of 60 million yuan. To this end, the provincial development and reform commission (NDRC) will do a good job in the project construction, bidding to the supervision and inspection of such links, ensure the smooth implementation of this project. At the same time, will be more closely to strengthen and national cohesion, strive for the central budget for investment, so as to promote the strategic emerging industry in our province, Energy) Better and faster development of the project.
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