Issued by the Siemens 2017 GongBoHui three new products

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-03
Siemens with full digital enterprise solution to 'explore the digital enterprise value' as the theme at the 19th China international industry fair ( GongBoHui) 。 Siemens on the exhibition on display for the Chinese market for the first time the three new product of the latest release. Basic industrial simatic ipc327e box and simatic ipc377e panel PC on the exhibition, Siemens officially released the local research and development on the window sill no fan of two basic industrial PC: simatic ipc327e box and simatic ipc377e panel PC. Both with industrial control by Siemens's first overseas digital factory - chengdu industrial automation products production and development base, sewc) Production. The two industrial compact volume, exquisite appearance, high cost performance, free maintenance, can run 24 hours continuously. Like all simatic industrial PC, offers rich options, can perfect synergy between components, with a sealed box, solid and reliable. Two industrial PC are carrying an Intel celeron quad-core processors, a VGA and displayport mouth, two mini pcie interface, two gigabit Ethernet interface, and as many as six six com port and usb interface, with the aid of the with a variety of interface, can be easily integrated into new and existing automation solutions. Simatic ipc327e box and simatic ipc377e panel PC industrial computer is very suitable for industrial applications, especially in HMI ( Human machine interface) Application, the assembly workstation, warehousing logistics, and data acquisition ( Such as production and energy data) , as well as production network and a simple image processing. At present, in the Chinese market can be pre-configured eight spot delivery models: with single point 12, 15 or 19 inch touch widescreen display panel PC and box type of PC. The user can also choose Windows 7 ultimate operating system software pre-installed. Truly universal converter one-piece sinamics g120c to expand its new power and communication mode converter one-piece sinamics g120c power has been extended to 22 kw to 132 kw, now for the power section of new modbus/uss communication way, make customer outside profinet communication way can also choose the modbus/uss communication way to meet the personalized communications needs. Sinamics g120c inverter is sinamics drives family model design, excellent performance, compact structure, high power density, in the narrow space can easily complete the installation. 55 kw to 132 kw ( 75 HP to 150 HP) , the debugging is also very simple, with the aid of profinet communication, perfect integration into the fully integrated automation system. To realize fully integrated control. Sinamics g120c is a truly universal one-piece transducer, can meet the needs of many industries and applications, such as conveyor belt, mixer, extruding machine, water pump, fan, compressor, and some of the basic materials handling machinery. Perfect integration in tia Po road engineering software platform of Sirius act button lamp products new Sirius act button lights product design elegant, durable, convenient installation and possess excellent communication performance. In addition to standard wiring, Sirius act button lights can also through the as - interface, IO - link and profinet controller to realize the communication with PLC. This kind of appearance design feeling super products optimize the traditional wiring schemes, wiring and workload significantly shorten the time, not only the wrong operation ratio fell to the lowest, also improve the working efficiency and function extension of flexibility. In addition, Sirius act perfect integration in tia bo road platform, realize the flexible configuration, parameterized and diagnosis function, can be widely used in industrial field.
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