Is servo drive tested before shipment?
Yes, servo drive is fully tested before shipment. Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd is a quality-oriented manufacturer with great achievements in quality control. Before we tapped into the global markets, we paid less attention to the ex-factory inspection, which results in the high rejection rate of the product. Now, since we have conducted detailed quality assurance rules and set up criteria for ex-factory product quality, the pass rate of the product has increased remarkably. Customers can rest assured about the product quality by remotely reviewing our QC process.
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Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co.Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of vfd motor control in China. V&T Technologies's ev motor controller series include multiple types. In order to comply with the quality standard required by the office supplies industry, V&T Technologies V5 series inverter is developed and manufactured according to certain quality standards such as raw materials qualified standard and safety standard. The product operates stably without affected by any impact load. This product has good resistance to deformation. When other objects apply a certain load, it will never deform. Strictly adhering to the international EMC standard, it has a strong anti-interference capability.
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We assume responsibility to safeguard our living and working communities. We promise never to damage and desolate the environment around due to draining and waste dumping and pollution.

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