Inverter is expected to have accelerated in 2015 a turning point in our country

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
On January 1, 2015 new environmental protection law of the formal implementation of the multiple areas, including the power industry, put forward the higher energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. Frequency converter based on improving the power factor and transmission efficiency, improve the process such as energy saving advantage to expand the market, in recent years our country inverter market annual growth rate as high as 25% ~ 35%, growth in the electrical industry first, and is expected to have accelerated a turning point in 2015. Public data shows that in 2014 China's wind power grid installed more than 0. 900 million kilowatts, output is expected to 150 billion KWH. National Energy Administration of new energy and renewable energy department deputy director Zhu Mingzeng said publicly, & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; During, will further increase the proportion of renewable energy sources, to 2020, wind power generating capacity will reach 200 million kilowatts, also will rise to 5% of the total output of the above. National Energy Administration in the 2015 national work conference on energy report, though not specific development goals set wind power, but on the next step wind priority, the report pointed out that will adhere to the centralized and distributed and centralized send combined with in situ given policy development, and authorizing & other; Five-year & throughout; The fifth batch of wind power project approval plan, organize the implementation of the national offshore wind power development and construction scheme. This means that the wind industry will continue to rebound in 2015, is continuous and stable development of the space. And new energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaic industry is also the power quality comprehensive treatment equipment for the development of one of the key areas. Wind power on a large scale grid power quality problem is caused by the voltage fluctuation, wind randomness and intermittent wind turbine output power instability, wind power output volatility will cause serious influence to power grid voltage. In addition, the wind from the main substation far away, also can cause large voltage fluctuation. According to the wind farm access regulations on power system technology, when the reactive power capacity of wind turbines can't meet the needs of the system voltage regulation, should be concentrated in wind farm equipped with appropriate capacity of reactive power compensation device. And the grid configuration of power system reactive power compensation technology principles require, the sum of wind farm reactive power compensation device is not less than the 30% ~ 50% of wind power installed capacity, concentration of reactive compensation capacity not less than within the wind farm reactive power compensation device is 40% ~ 60% of total, or through calculation and analysis. On the equipment selection, by the end of 2012, more than 1400 wind farms in China most of the installation of the static type dynamic reactive power compensation device ( SVG) 。 As the wind power industry, the SVG products market demand will be continue to drive. Industry experts believe that domestic SVG technology has matured, capacity and voltage level to the needs of the domestic industries. Mill in the steel industry and other types of variable frequency industrial balanced load reactive power generated by the impact at work will cause power grid voltage and the voltage fluctuation, after the installation of SVG to guarantee normal operation of electrical equipment, improve production efficiency. And SVG used in the grid, the reactive power regulating system failure cases in a timely manner, improve power system stability. In addition to the wind power and other new energy brought, current SVG main application fields include power, coal, steel, electrified railway, petroleum chemical industry, etc, as industries standards for energy saving and emission reduction has increased, SVG, there will be a larger market space for development. According to statistics, in 2012 our country power quality governance industry sales of nearly 453. 2. 1 billion yuan, including reactive compensation market sales of 351. 2. 7 billion yuan. In 2013, sales of power quality management industry in China has more than 50 billion yuan.
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