【Inventory] Top 10 high voltage inverter companies in 2016

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-29
What are the top ten brands of 2016 high voltage inverter manufacturers? According to the latest survey report in 2016, the list of 2016 of the top ten brands of high-voltage Inverter manufacturers was evaluated for your reference from the aspects of enterprise sales, after-sales problems and user feedback. The ranking is determined according to the latest time, and the specific situation should be determined according to the market conditions. Since the data of each inverter manufacturer is not much different, the ranking order cannot meet everyone's approval. After all, each has its own advantages, so there are different views, the following rankings are sorted according to the sales volume so far this year for your reference. Delixi, China Delixi Holding Group Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1984. It is a large group integrating capital operation, brand operation and industrial operation, with a registered capital of 1. 5 billion yuan. Existing employees of the Group Company 2. More than 10 thousand people, with comprehensive strength, have been ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for 11 consecutive years, ranking first among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises. The main industries are frequency converter, Electrical Manufacturing, LED photoelectric, Energy Mining, integrated logistics, equity (PE)Investment, etc. The general agent of Delixi inverter factory mainly sells special inverter, current vector inverter, flux vector inverter, fan special inverter, pump special inverter, textile special inverter, air compressor inverter, injection molding machine special inverter, machine tool special inverter, high frequency inverter, etc. Delixi inverter is widely used in electric power, textile, hardware machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, plastic, paper making, tobacco and other industries. In order to further develop the market of large, medium and small cities in China, the general agent of Delixi inverter manufacturers is looking for inverter agents and inverter distributors nationwide. Inverter agent preferred Delixi inverter manufacturer general agent is a wise decision. Yingweiteng Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co. , Ltd. is located in the'Shenzhen Silicon Valley' The high-tech industrial park with good reputation was established in 2002 and is committed to becoming the world's leading and respected products in the fields of electrical transmission, industrial control and new energy. Yingweiteng electric always insists on going' Survival by quality, development by innovation' In a short period of ten years, it has rapidly grown into a national high-tech enterprise with internationally advanced inverter vector control technology. Huichuan Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co. , Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of industrial automation control products, positioning and serving middle and high-end equipment manufacturers, A company based on industrial automation control technology with independent intellectual property rights. 123 Next page>
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