Inventory of China's most development potential of the inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-17
There are statistics show that rapid growth in industrial output inverter products industry in China in recent years, China's inverter market - about 25% 35% of the annual growth rate, growth rate below the electrical industry in the first place. As the market is very tempting, potential capacity is very considerable, constantly attract new players to enter the industry, industry usher in huge opportunities at the same time also faces fierce competition. The 12th five-year plan is put forward to upgrade manufacturing industry, the development of advanced equipment, promote the manufacturing industry become stronger by guiding the direction of future development. Frequency conversion technology because of its excellent performance will be further promotion in the field of industrial control and precision control. Especially manufacturing widely used low voltage frequency conversion technology, the future development of closely related to automation and equipment upgrades. With the development of technology, domestic enterprises are constantly transducers to narrow the technology gap with foreign enterprises, from the past simply provide products begin to provide users with systematic solution, from high-end products imported into the domestic brand rapid rise and gradually open the international market, to see if we look at the present domestic several more powerful inverter enterprises. In the development of frequency converter in the field of industrial automation, in electronic with power electronics and automatic control for many years manufacturing experience and technology, focusing on the drive ( 驱动器) , sports, 运动) And control ( 控制) Field, launched a number of automation products, inverter is a staple of automation, is the largest products in sales automation. In the inverter main products are: VFDS - M series - - - - - - - Low noise mini series, VFDS - S series - - - - - - - Multifunctional simple type, VFDS - A series - - - - - - - Low noise be used type, VFDS - B series - - - - - - - Non-inductive direction-finding quantity controlling ( Universal) VFD - F series - - - - - - - The fan pump special VFDS - E series - - - - - - - The built-in small PLC, high function/elastic extension type, etc. In a competitive market, in the inverter has always maintained a strong momentum of growth, in the high-end product market and economical product market are made significant gains. In the field of application, the OEM market unchallenged market position, as the product technology mature, currently in inverter has set his sights on a wide area & ndash; — Elevator, lifting, air conditioning, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical and energy conservation and emissions reduction projects. In the process of participate in these projects, in inverter team provide solutions to improve the capacity of the system. At the same time, in high-end products, and continuously introduce expand the application in the field of high-end, win competition heats up with the strength of the inverter market. The next page> 1234
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