Inventory automated factory ten indispensable industrial control products

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-17
In automated factory there are some need to use in industrial control products, they are an important part of factory automation, assume an important role in their respective, some may look inconspicuous, is indispensable. Small make up to count the automated factory has 10 indispensable industrial control products, and share. 1. Controller (controller factory automation of brain English name: the controller) Refers to the change in booking order of main circuit and control circuit wiring and electrical resistance change circuit to control the motor start-up, speed control, brake and reverse the main unit. By the program counter, instruction register, instruction decoder, timing generator and operation controller, it is a command & other; Decision-making body & throughout; , coordination and command of the entire computer system operation is completed. That is commonly used in factory automation controller with PLC, industrial control, etc. Programmable logic controller ( ProgrammableLogicController PLC) , it USES a programmable memory for its internal storage procedures, to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user-oriented instructions, and through the digital or analog input/output control various types of machinery or production process. Industrial PC ( IndustrialPersonalComputer, IPC) The industrial control computer, is a kind of USES the bus structure, the production process and testing mechanical and electrical equipment, process equipment and control tools. Industrial control computers with important attributes and characteristics, such as a computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interface, and the operating system, control network and protocol, computing power, friendly man-machine interface. Industrial control industry products and technologies is very special, belong to the intermediate products, is for other industries to provide reliable, embedded industrial computer and intelligent. The next page> 123456789
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