Introduction to the inverter in the development of industrial control automation industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-18
It is understood that in the early 1940 s, was born abroad asynchronous motor frequency control of motor speed technology, but the time of the inverter is composed of dc motor Synchronous generator of frequency conversion unit, when our country has not developed the technology, the frequency converter from 50 s to appear in our country, the earliest used for film factory workshop, the ac speed control is realized by using the frequency conversion unit. In the '60 s to appear in the world with static frequency converter of power electronic devices, in 1963, Shanghai has developed the domestic first silicon controlled rectifier plant. In 1965, our country started the research thyristor converter. Until the 80 s, the domestic many institutions of higher learning and research institutes actively develop GTR inverter, late IGBT inverter is developed further, and to transfer technology to the enterprise production, but because there is no automatic production line to produce the high reliability of inverter. By the early 1990 s, the deepening of the reform and opening up to China's domestic enterprises begin to realize the function of frequency converter, and started trying to use foreign inverter, the inverter products abroad officially into the Chinese market, foreign inverter products into China market, such as ABB, Siemens, mitsubishi, Fuji, yaskawa, omron, schneider, etc. When domestic also began to appear for the first batch of frequency converter manufacturers, amb is created in such a historical background and environment, has become China's first approved by the ministry of electronic industry one of the frequency converter manufacturers. Sanken companies in 1988 the first low-voltage inverter SVF into China, at the same time, in our country Fuji inverter is the G5 / P5, par with 130 g frequency converter on the performance and reliability; Inverter then Taiwan into the mainland market. By 2000, our country already had many inverter manufacturers. Reform. the was established in 1998, as China's first inverter production enterprise, the first independent research and development production G series frequency control device a full set of production lines and technology, the construction of nearly 10000 square meters production workshop. Technology on the GTR with high power transistor devices, master CPU, modulation mode, V/F control strategy, and so on technology is the latest technology at home and abroad. Is the first product to have a scale of production and sales of inverter manufacturers.
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