Introduction to the domestic large motor soft start industry development situation

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-17
Large motor is widely used and the progress of soft start technology effectively promote the development of the soft start industry, from the developing trend of the total, has the following obvious characteristics: one is the capacity is more and more big, visible from reports that 2000 years ago, China's largest capacity is 5000 kw, larger more imported variable frequency soft start, 2002 strong companies to complete the research and successful trial of 13500 kw, then gradually solve the problem of 20000 kw motor starting, imported frequency soft start retreat to more than 20000 kw area; Second, performance is getting better and better, such as the starting current, series reactance can do 3 pu, thermistor soft start can do 2. 5 pu, drop to fill soft starting device can do 1. 5pu; Three is the application of high and new technology more and more, and a strong impetus to the development of relevant industries. Hubei province is a large motor soft starting industry concentrated area, has the company more than 50, hubei after only electric co. , LTD. , such as the core enterprise in gross industrial output value reached more than one hundred million yuan. The soft start of hubei province industry already has two provincial enterprise technology center, three postdoctoral industry base, with tsinghua university, wuhan university, huazhong university of science and technology, north China electric power university, zhejiang university and so on more than ten universities have talent training, technical development, academic exchange and so on various aspects of cooperation; Has formed a certain industrial scale, the brand benefit preliminarily displayed, advantage of industrial cluster has gradually formed.
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