Introduction to localization of pumped storage Static Inverter SFC

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-01
The capacity of the reversible unit of the large pumped storage power station is relatively large. When it enters the working condition of the water pump and starts as the motor, if it is directly incorporated into the power grid, it will cause certain impact on both the power grid and the unit, inverter needs to be configured to start the unit from static to grid-connected. The static frequency converter is the preferred drag equipment for the pump start-up of the pumping and storage power station unit. It can not only drag the unit from the static state to the rated speed, but also realize the integration of the unit without impact, it can also flexibly stabilize the unit at a certain set speed. At present, the foreign SFC equipment used in the start-up of pumped storage units in China mainly include: ABB, CONVERTEAM (Including ALSTOM) , GE, Siemens, GANZANSALDO and other manufacturers of products. Among them, Panjiakou, Yixing, Tai'an, Xilongchi, Qingyuan, xiangshuijian, Xianyou, Hohhot and other power stations have been built using abb sfc equipment; Tianhuangping, Guangzhang Phase I, Ming Tombs, Tongbai, Baoquan, Huizhou, Bailianhe, Pushi River and other completed pumping and storage power stations use CONVERTEAM SFC equipment; The SFC equipment of Siemens company has been put into use in the second phase of Guangchang and Xianju pumping and storage power station; The SFC equipment of GE company has been put into use in Liyang pumping and storage power station; The SFC equipment of ganz ansaldo company in Hungary is used in Paradise and Huilong pumping and storage power station, and has been replaced by domestic Nanrui Jibao SFC equipment. Imported static inverters are imported with the main engine. Over the years, the imported SFC system equipment technology has tended to be perfect and the operation tends to be stable, which basically meets the operation requirements of pumped storage units. However, there are still more and more prominent problems of technical support or spare parts in the imported SFC system. The construction of a large number of pumped storage power stations in China requires the gradual localization of major equipment matched with them. Reversible pumped storage unit, static frequency conversion starting equipment (SFC) They are the main equipment, key and important equipment of pumped storage power station, which requires the localization of static frequency converter as soon as possible. The first domestic Static Inverter developed by Nanrui group was put into operation in Panjiakou pumping and storage power station in Hebei province in April 2010, and Nanrui Jibao's domestic SFC equipment for Anhui xiangshuijian pumped storage power station was put into operation in April 2014. Through the implementation of several projects, China has fully mastered the design, manufacture, commissioning and other technologies of the complete set of static inverter equipment for pumped storage power stations. At present, the domestic Static Inverter Products have been extended to infrastructure projects of pumped storage power stations and renovation projects of old Static Inverter equipment. Now, the infrastructure projects of Fengning power station in Hebei and Jixi power station in Anhui as well as several projects which just started the host calibration in 2018 also basically adopt the domestic SFC, the second phase of Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station, Henan Huilong pumped storage power station and Hubei paradise pumped storage power station have adopted domestic SFC equipment.
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