Introduction to domestic inverter transformation and upgrading of the enterprise

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-17
Inverter industry chain, is to integrate the upstream frequency converter manufacturers suppliers ( Inverter components suppliers) , middle frequency converter manufacturers, application field and downstream line terminal consumer group in the whole industry. Since growth inverter product development in our country, the inverter industry chain but also the formation of scale within a few decades, so the inverter industry chain as a first-class branch of electric industry in our country, compared with other traditional industrial manufacturing industry in China is more young and more unstable. As the national five-year plan situation, under the national policy guidance and market driven, industrial manufacturing industry in our country has huge development, transformation and upgrading of the industrial industrial economy growth pattern began to change gradually, and the frequency converter industry as the relatively high degree of adsorption in the industrial manufacturing industry, in the face of the whole economic environment and the change of market environment, also began to gradually shift. Domestic inverter transformation trend of enterprise: core technology oriented & other; Technology innovation & throughout; Is about China's domestic industry's collective regression of frequency converter, late start, backward technology caused long time our country domestic inverter in the inverter market competition at a disadvantage, especially such as frequency converter applied in the field of iron and steel industry, rail transportation and other industries, because of the high technical requirements for domestic inverter, bothered, therefore also inspired our domestic inverter enterprises from these mistakes to increase investment in technology research and development strength, with domestic inovance inverter enterprise technology as an example, according to inovance technology, according to the corporate earnings in 2012 published 2012 inovance technology r&d input 1. 3. 9 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 33. 11 and 96% of operating income. 72%, while the company increase the investment of r&d people will maintain the competitiveness of the products, and domestic inverter enterprise compulsory for long-term sustainable development. Domestic inverter business transformation trend 2: focus on industry market-oriented, according to the network data segment inverter market potential in China or more than 120 billion, because of the frequency converter is widely used in different industries, so also promote our country domestic converter specializing in industry market segmentation and since enterprise transformation, and this shift is driven the development of the whole industry chain to the industry trend of market segmentation. In somalia peace, for example, the company focused on hoisting machinery, explosion-proof, mining industry after several big niche market, again, when the Shanghai new focus to the study of the elevator control industry, in constantly in recent years as the deepening in the elevator control, its has electric enterprise headquarters, Shanghai singh Lin Naxin of motor in wire and cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai co. , LTD. , in elevator parts co. , LTD. , Shanghai in software technology co. , LTD. , Shanghai yi new international trade co. , LTD. , and so on six domestic subsidiary; In overseas has a new German electric co. , LTD. , Hong Kong international new da group co. , LTD. Industry market segmentation can promote our country domestic inverter enterprises from traditional rough production pattern upgraded to specialize in a certain mode of development in the field of industry, is conducive to China's inverter industry chain of professional, precise, and at the same time, by subdividing markets can avoid domestic inverter production enterprises, repeat the same low-end competition, is conducive to the development of frequency converter in our country industry chain and improve the complete.
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