Introduction of drive controller for DC brushless motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-06
Introduction to the drive controller of DC brushless motor, the drive controller of DC brushless motor mainly controls the rotating speed, and its process is to detect the rotating speed of the motor in the control system and compare its set value, then the control link is used to control the power tube. The control system includes many protection circuits, such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection. 1. Transformation of drive controller the drive controller of DC brushless motor was mainly analog controller in the early days. In recent years, it has gradually developed into a digital motor controller. The analog motor control system is relatively simple, convenient to use and cheap, due to technical and economic constraints, the analog motor control system has existed for a long time, but the analog control system itself has many deficiencies, poor anti-interference ability, almost non-reusable, poor control, etc. With the vigorous development of software technology, replacing the hardware structure with software programs can effectively reduce the complexity of the hardware circuit, which makes the volume specification of the controller laughing and makes the modern control theory widely used, so as to effectively improve the performance of the control system. Therefore, digitizing the motor controller is the direction of motor control development in the future. 2. Since the transformation of processors, there are generally three kinds of drive controllers for DC brushless motors: microprocessors, application specific integrated circuits and modern digital signal processors. Since the motor control circuit composed of application specific integrated circuit is mainly used in places with low requirements on control performance, the circuit of this control method is relatively simple and practical; However, due to the rapid development of modern technology in recent years, especially the widespread use of brushless belt motors in the home appliance industry, people have higher requirements for the control performance of motors, the control precision and speed of micro-processing to the motor can no longer meet people's needs. At present, modern DSP is widely used to meet people's better requirements for motor control performance. DSP integrates many functional modules and interfaces :(1) First-in first-out buffer and baud rate generator (2) Integrated sample and hold circuits and A/D conversion circuits (3) Provides standard Asynchronous serial ports and high-speed and synchronous serial ports (4) It provides multiple PWM output interfaces and input interfaces for sensors to collect signals. It is precisely because of these integrated modules that the requirements of the motor controller for peripheral circuits are reduced, and it has better software development tools, its price is relatively low, close to the price of single chip microcomputer, but its cost performance is relatively high. The operation speed of the digital signal processor of the drive controller of the DC brushless motor is relatively fast, so some complex control real-time algorithms can be used in the motor control system, such: kalman filter, state estimation and parameter adaptive control, etc. , these complex control methods have well improved the performance of the motor control system. Moreover, the application software program of digital signal processing can be written in electroplating assembly language or C voice, or the control program can be nested and written using both, therefore, it is very convenient for research and development personnel and glycosides used in research and development, debugging and application of motor controllers. Related reading: working conditions of stepping motor driver, how to purchase stepping motor driver? Tag dc brushless motor drive
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