Introduction of calculation method of angle and precision of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-14
The angle and precision calculation method of stepping motor is introduced. The static torque characteristic mentioned above is the most important characteristic. The angle accuracy of the stepping motor can be passed through the coupling device (So that no rotation displacement occurs when rotating) Direct connection, Angle as number, reader counter, computer calculation. Results via printer or X- Y plotter and other equipment output, as the evaluation data of the motor. Position accuracy: any point of the rotor is taken as the starting point, thus each step is measured once, and the motor rotates continuously for one turn to find the difference between the actual position of the rotor and the theoretical position. The error expressed in the range of positive maximum and negative maximum is called position error, and the percentage of the basic step angle (%)To express. Step angle accuracy: When the rotor starts from any point and runs continuously, the difference between the measured angle of each step angle and the theoretical step angle is obtained, and the percentage [%) of the theoretical step angle is used) Representation, called step angle precision, ()Side and (-)The maximum value of the side. Hysteresis error: the rotor rotates forward by any point for one turn, then rotates backward for one turn to return to the origin, and the maximum value is taken from the deviation angle of each measured position, which is called hysteresis error. Label: stepping motor Related reading: seven methods of adjusting stepping motor speed and their respective advantages and disadvantages, precautions for connecting stepping motor to stepping motor driver TAG stepping motor angle accuracy
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