Introduction of built-in functions of intelligent stepping motor driver motion control

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
Introduction to the built-in function of motion control of intelligent stepping motor driver. In motion control applications, general stepping motor drivers only have the ability to drive motors, but do not have any logic and operation functions, it is necessary to have the participation of the upper computer. The general controller has comprehensive logic function and operation function, but it can't do anything about the drive of stepping motor. The traditional stepping driver scheme is limited by the limited high-speed pulse interface, low data transmission efficiency, data synchronization, poor anti-interference capability, complex lines and other problems. The intelligent stepping motor driver integrates functions inside, combines motion control function with logic operation function, and can independently complete all functions of the stepping driver, during the operation, the control part can directly modify and monitor the internal parameters of the whole system, and integrates the bus, conforms to the standard protocol, and has more flexible custom protocol, it can conveniently communicate with upper computer or communication, has high response speed and strong anti-interference capability, and is suitable for various automation equipment. The internal instructions of intelligent stepping motor drivers are divided into several categories, which are introduced as follows. 1. Basic logic instructions of stepping motor driver: Including loading, AND, OR, NOT, output, setting, clearing, inversion output, empty instructions, end instructions, etc; 2. Stack instructions: including block phase and, phase or, stack management and other related instructions; 3. Along instructions: Including loading, and, or, non-, non-, or non-etc. instructions for rising and falling edges; 4. Program control instructions: including the call and return of subprogram, jump of program, loading and clearing of timer and counter, counting of counter, subprogram label, program label, saving and reading internal parameters, etc; 5. Integer data comparison operation: integer data is divided into digit and digit operations, which can realize data size comparison, and can be divided into greater than, equal to, less than, not equal to, etc; 6. Operation of integer data: the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of bit data can be realized; 7. Shift and assignment operations of integer data: However, the assignment, transfer and shift operations of bit data and bit data are realized; 8. Logical operation and arithmetic operation of floating-point numbers: the size comparison operation and arithmetic operation operation of bit single-precision floating-point numbers can be realized; 9. Conversion and assignment of floating point numbers: the conversion of floating point numbers and integer data, the conversion of binary floating point numbers and decimal floating point numbers, and the assignment and reading of floating point numbers can be realized. 10. Motion control instruction of stepper motor driver: the internal integrated function of intelligent stepper can conveniently use the motion control instruction of stepper motor driver, including point-to-point position mode motion, speed mode motion, A variety of zero-return movement, inching, start, stop, Motor enable and other functions. Related reading: Closed-loop and integrated development trend of stepping motor in the future, TAG driver of three-phase stepping motor driver, intelligent stepping motor motion control
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