Introduction of 10 common international brands of low voltage inverters in Chinese market

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-27
Inverter plays an important role in the industrial control industry. In China's inverter market, it is full of various brands, including both strong international famous brands and low-key domestic brands, the following are the more common international brands of low-voltage inverters in the Chinese market. Note: The order is not ranked! 1. Siemens, in China, Siemens Automation and drive group has 7 production companies, 44 regional offices and employs about 3,000 employees. Siemens provides a full range of inverter products with different requirements, from standard transmission series to high-performance engineering inverters, with power coverage of 0. 12KW to 10 MW. Due to the strong competitiveness of its products, it has a large market share in textile, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries, and has an absolute advantage in the field of rolling mills and cranes. Siemens Automation and drive group mainly involves large-scale transmission department, standard transmission department and Motion Control Department in inverter business, and the operating company involved in inverter is mainly Siemens Electric Transmission Co. , Ltd (SEDL)And Siemens (Shanghai)Electric Transmission Equipment Co. , Ltd (SEDS), The predecessor of SEDS is Ansai Robin Kang (Shanghai)Electric Co. , Ltd. With its strong brand effect, Siemens inverter has broken the previous monopoly position of Japanese brand inverter in the Chinese market. According to the statistics of relevant professional market research institutions, siemens's high and low voltage inverter has ranked first in the Chinese market. 2. ABB Beijing ABB electric transmission system Co. , Ltd. was established in 1994, which was jointly funded and established by ABB and Beijing Jingyi Holding Co. , Ltd. and belongs to the automation product department of ABB Group, it is the first batch of business companies of ABB Group in China. It mainly supplies AC and DC transmission products, and the transmission products produced and sold are used from 0. The motor speed control of 12kW to 27,000 is the only production base and sales window of ABB Transmission products in China. According to the data from ARC Research Institute, ABB electric transmission products have won the first market share in the current AC transmission market in the Asia-Pacific region, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, textile, petrochemical, cement, paper and other industries. ABB had 16 distributors in 8 cities in mainland China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Harbin, Qingdao, Xi 'an, Shanghai and Chengdu before 2000. And China is divided into three parts of South, North and Middle by region, so as to realize the balanced development of the sales area. With the continuous expansion of business, distribution systems have been established in many cities. ABB's sales are still mainly based on distribution, supplemented by direct sales. Offices and service centers located in various places are responsible for technical support and other services to meet customer needs in a timely manner. 12345 next page>
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