Interpretation of fault indicator lamp of brushless stepping motor driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-26
Interpretation of the fault indicator of the brushless stepper motor driver, today is the description of some fault indicator of the brushless motor driver, what is the reason when the ALOC light is on? In fact, this is very simple, indicating that the current of the driver is too large, and that the Hall sensor wire harness of the motor is correctly connected, and the motor wiring is too long, if it exceeds a certain distance, it will also fail, and whether the UVW wire harness of the brushless motor is properly connected and whether there is any risk position wrong, it is necessary to pay attention to otherwise the motor will be short-circuited and burned out, also, brushless motors are different from stepping motors in that they cannot change direction by adjusting the phase. There is a difference between them, whether the acceleration is too fast, etc. ALHE when the main light is on, it means that the Hall sensor is faulty. First, let's see if the wire harness is loose and if there is any problem with the plug. The same wire speed cannot be too long, moreover, all these wire harnesses need to be insulated and concealed, and the grounding should not be suspended and directly contact with the outer body of the motor, or the motor can be directly replaced. Specifically, you can contact the manufacturer and the engineer to solve the problem. Related reading: motor manufacturers explain the application field of motors, and stepping motor manufacturers tell you why motor shafts are expensive? TAG driver fault brushless stepper motor
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