International top ten frequency converter manufacturers is introduced

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
Frequency conversion technology background is wide demand for ac motor stepless speed regulation. The traditional dc speed control technology for large size high failure rate and limited application. Since the 1960 s, the power electronic devices commonly used thyristor and its upgrade products. But its control performance are unable to meet the need. 1968 high technology enterprise represented by danfoss started mass production inverter, open the inverter a new era of industrialization. In mid and late 1980 s, the developed countries such as America, Japan, Germany, England practical application of VVVF inverter technology, commodity market, has been widely applied. One of the earliest developed inverter might have bought the Japanese patent. But the United States and Germany with the advantages of electronic components and electronic technology, the high-end products quickly seize market. Below will take you to look at the ten big brands of transducer, international ABB1 ABB electrical transmission system, the basic situation of Beijing co. , LTD. , founded in 1994, and Beijing Beijing by ABB instrument holding co. , LTD. , jointly established, belonging to ABB automation products division, is the first batch of ABB group in China business company, the main supply ac, dc transmission products, production and sales of transmission products for 0. 12 kW to 27000 kW electric motor speed control, ABB transmission products in China is the only production base and sales window. According to the ARC, according to research institutions in today's ac drive market in Asia Pacific region, ABB electrical transmission products has won the first share of the market, are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, textile, petrochemical, cement, paper and other industries. In the past ten years, ABB drive business in China is growing at more than 40% a year. According to the data of electrical industry 500 strong and our survey shows that Beijing ABB electric drive system co. , LTD. Sales of 11, 2005. 100 million yuan, up 30% from 2004, the growth rate is more than 50% in 2006, is the most outstanding performance in recent years, one of the frequency converter manufacturers. Its sales of about 2. 2 billion yuan in 2007, nearly 40% higher than in 2006, minus the high voltage frequency conversion products and dc speed regulating system, low voltage frequency converter in 2007 sales of about 1. 8 billion yuan. ABB drive since it was founded in 1994, has been committed to the local production of ABB electrical transmission products, currently ACS500, ACV700 & amp; DC transmission products, ACS400, ACS600, ACS550, ACS800 have become local assembly and production. 2, the product with ABB drive performance in 2007 won the Shanghai coking energy-saving renovation project, Beijing metro project, Harbin daoli district central heating project, jiangsu shagang group, zhangjiagang JingDe plate belt co. , LTD. The new one. 45 meters strip machine project, Shanghai luojing port project of fully automated bulk terminals and other large projects. 3, the marketing characteristics of ABB in mainland China in 2000 years ago in Beijing, guangzhou, hangzhou, Harbin, Qingdao, xi 'an, Shanghai, chengdu eight cities had 16 distributor. And will be divided into south and north, on the basis of China's regions in three parts, in order to realize the balanced development of regional sales. With the expansion of the business, and in many cities in the distribution system is established. ABB's sales overall still is given priority to with distribution, direct selling is complementary, in around the offices and service center is responsible for technical support and other services, to meet customer requirements in a timely manner. The ABB in 38 major cities has sales offices and service branch due to excessive distribution agencies, the price is very transparent, the competition between the various distributors, hard to ensure the interests of the distributors, ABB is adjust the marketing strategy, the existing system and only do big projects support work, parts of high voltage frequency converter on the basis of the project, gradually increase the intensity of the sales of industry and OEM suppliers. At the same time, strengthen the after-sale service work, many cities in the country to establish a unified ABB pit, provides ample spare parts reserve, maximum limit satisfied the demand of the inverter user timely, fast repair products. The next page> 12345678910
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