Inovance technology layout robot industry chain of new energy products to explode to meet

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-18
On February 12th, on the Open Day activities inovance technology investors, the company chairman secretary Song Junen revealed: 2013 inovance technology on the basis of the original inverter and the integration of the elevator business, new photovoltaic inverter, new energy vehicles and general servo three pieces of business in sales are a substantial growth, has become a new luminescent spot thickening of the company's performance. On January 28th, at first, the company's announcement is expected to achieve revenue 2013 16. 7 billion yuan - 17. 9 billion yuan, an increase of 40% 50%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies. 5. 0. 8 billion yuan - 5. 8. 8 billion yuan, an increase of 60% 85%. Announcement, growth is mainly thanks to the elevator integration products, injection molding machine dedicated servo system and new energy related products orders have faster growth year on year; At the same time the company cost control and integrated gross margin of the product were improved. As a domestic first-class industrial automation control products manufacturer, inovance technology has been from the original special low-voltage inverter, integration development so far has high performance in frequency converter, PLC, servo system and so on the development of high-end products, and through the drive and control technology to the new energy industry gradually permeate, including electric cars, wind power and photovoltaic power generation field. And for the future, the company is actively robot industry chain layout, to create become intelligent solutions provider. New energy products in the second half of last year to meet outbreak inovance technology one of the highlights of last year, earnings growth from the growth of new energy products. In the first half of last year, the company's revenue is only 1866 new energy products. 140000 yuan, and the year is expected to achieve breakthrough revenue, mainly thanks to the second half of the year, especially in the fourth quarter of the electric car and the outbreak of the photovoltaic inverter order. In the boom of industry better environment, Song Junen optimistic, said the two pieces of business this year is expected to continue to grow. The inovance technology electric cars income mainly comes from the department of energy buses, the biggest customer for yutong bus. For investors concerned about the passenger car market, the company said, for small orders and will keep watch and follow up. Photovoltaic inverter pv market, the company product gross margin at 30% Around 40%, with the industry gross margin. But the main customer and market focus on private enterprise, and Emerson, sunlight, power supply, etc. Also there is a big gap. Hold the elevator business long tail with the first mover advantage and good reputation, the company business integration of elevator controller has a higher market share in the industry, but also an important source of revenue, 4 - total sales income at present 5. Elevator business growth which includes new market, also including grab market share. According to research released by Orient securities is expected, the elevator industry 2 - in the future Three years is expected to continue to maintain 15% The growth rate of 20%. In addition, the company is currently actively layout elevator iot market. In addition, for the future of elevator business will face caps saturation problem, said song is planning to increase the elevator industry related to the integration of products, namely the thickening of the long tail through market this piece of business performance. Servo and frequency converter to power distribution company profit growth in 2013, another robot industry chain highlights from the general servo injection molding machine in the market, after years of cultivation in the injection molding machine industry, the block ushered in the rapid growth of business. Company, the company will copy mode, injection molding machine industry will general servo to expand in textile, ceramic, and printing industries. Frequency converter, the company is large project of power transmission market, has been in metallurgy, mining, power, and other model project layout. Song Junen said, frequency converter is the smaller the farther development of high-end industry competition, the business will also be one of the focuses of company business this year. Company actively robot industry chain layout, in addition to general servo and high voltage inverter, the company also plans to expand on the control system of the business. The inovance technology last year, investment 12 million yuan to buy nanjing deep 60% stake, large industrial vision system into the potential market. Industrial vision system is used for automatic inspection, processing and assembly automation and production process control and monitoring of image recognition machine, industry insiders predict the size of the domestic 20 billion yuan in 2015. The acquisition makes inovance were ever in the automation solutions for high-end field.
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