Innovation driven RongXin took to the high speed development fast lane

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-09
RongXin formerly anshan RongXin power electronics co. , LTD. At the end of 2008, completion RongXin new office and factory in high-tech zone, this is the first listed company after the big change. Subsequent RongXin all scientific and technological innovation, product from the reactive power compensation device to high voltage frequency conversion device, flexible direct current transmission device, new energy equipment, frequency conversion products such as coal, application fields are also constantly expanding, products achieve the change from extensive to intensive. RongXin listed before and after the change is big, almost surprised all the people who are familiar with it and praise. , RongXin director explained: the company pre-ipo development, rely on their own capital is & other; Small step walk & throughout; , with the aid of capital markets platform, can solve the problem of money, all of a sudden a huge development of tension, energy savings achieved, bring RongXin into high speed development of the fast lane. Listed on the brand effect, but also bring a broader market and higher end to RongXin talented person, the more advanced the development of enterprise culture, the more clear goals, and more intense social sense of responsibility. RongXin insist on & other; Production & throughout; Closely with innovation to upgrade path, and became the first in the industry to set up their own national post-doctoral scientific research workstation. Borne by RongXin national west-east gas localization project and other major equipment; 25 mva level throughout high voltage variable frequency speed regulating device & PDS system; , after one and a half years of research and development, in March 2011 passed the National Energy Administration organization's appraisal, in May 2013 formally put into operation. The frequency conversion system is our country so far single frequency field capacity of the largest similar equipment, not only solved many technical difficulties and bottlenecks, also makes our country high voltage inverter in the field of high-end broke the foreign enterprises long-term monopoly market structure, RongXin also in major scientific and technological innovation project achieved good economic benefits. In 2011, RongXin complete national science and technology support plan & ndash; — In high pressure, the MVA chain and multilevel converter and static compensator, is currently the largest international dc voltage on the highest level, capacity and the fastest response time static synchronous compensator, the successful development of this project let RongXin standing in the field of the technology in the new high ground. RongXin shares as part of the unit in 2012, and bear the national 863 plan project & ndash; Large wind farms, flexible HVDC access technology research and development tasks. The development and success of the device is put into operation, let RongXin stake in flexible transmission technology in the world. More than 10 years of innovation to upgrade, RongXin into has more than 20 branch companies, more than 1500 employees of large corporations. At the same time, through listing, financing the leapfrog development and accumulation, after RongXin technology, equipment, talent reserves has reached a whole new level. Now, as a national key high-tech enterprises and national key software enterprises, RongXin already has domestic leading international advanced power electronics, energy saving research and development of complete sets of equipment, testing facilities, to undertake the national 863 program and so on many national science and technology and industrialization projects more than 20, more than 200 national patent was gained. At present, RongXin products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, nonferrous metal, electrified railway and other key industries, energy consumption in saving energy and reducing consumption, improve the power grid security and stability, improve power quality, enhance the level of coal mine safety production, to ensure the safety of the mine property, etc. , play an irreplaceable role.
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