Infineon a new generation of MOSFET can reduce the switching loss of 50%

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-04
Munich, Germany & ndash; Infineon technologies co. , LTD new CoolMOS™ C7 series super junction ( SJ) MOSFET family. Compared to the 600 v series CoolMOS™ CP may reduce the switching loss of 50% in PFC, the vera. ttf and other hard switching can be realized in the topology structure and GaN similar levels of performance. CoolMOSC7 in the industry take the lead to achieve the 1 & Omega; / was surface resistivity ( RDS( 上) *一个) , it further expands the infineon minimum per encapsulation RDS ( 上) Product portfolio, can further improve the power density support the customer. New CoolMOS series has low switching loss, suitable for high power switching power supply ( smp) Application & ndash; — Such as server, telecom, solar & ndash; — And need to improve efficiency and reduce component costs ( BoM) And the total cost of ownership ( TCO) The industrial application. CoolMOSC7 can reduce the very large data centers and telecom base station for higher efficiency and lower TCO applications such as switching loss. CoolMOSC7 can make the PFC and LLC topology efficiency respectively 0. 3% - 0. 7% and 0. 1%, which is conducive to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. For 2. 5 kw server PSU, use C7600VMOSFET of energy costs as a result of PSU energy loss can be reduced by about 10%. In the enterprise server applications, components and other costs, such as CoolMOSC7600V device can help to reduce the cost of magnetic components. Due to the output capacitance of the gate charge and decreased significantly, the switching frequency of the C7 is CoolMOS™ CP twice, but only slightly in CoolMOS&trade efficiency; CP。 This helped to reduce the maximum size of magnetic components, reduce the total cost of components. For example, a doubling of switch frequency from 65 KHZ to 130 KHZ, magnetic components can reduce the cost as much as 30%. CoolMOSC7600V family of products will be made in two 300 mm fabs, can provide customers with delivery guarantee. This family of products include RDS ( 上) Different values and encapsulation of many types, and the starting model including the highly innovative TO - 2474 pin encapsulation type. The 4 pin package it can eliminate caused by transient inductance voltage drop, which will be loaded with efficiency up to 0. 4%. Infineon, vice President and AC/DC line general manager PeterWawer said: & other; As part of the infineon high voltage MOSFET product portfolio, new CoolMOSC7600V family is infineon is expected to launch in early 2016 GaN devices is important & lsquo; Cornerstone & rsquo; 。 Depending on the implemented mass production ready, reliable technology, CoolMOSC7 device can reduce the switching loss, maximum achieve up to 200 KHZ switching frequency, and infineon GaN technology will further expand the frequency range, support the new topology. ” With CoolMOSC7600V complementary, with industry standard pin infineon 2 new edn7524 EiceDRIVER™ IC, with two independent unfenced type low side gate drive, each drive can support 5 a peak current sources. Both channels can realize the typical 5 ns rising and falling time, convenient and 1 ns between channel delay matching set synchronous switching, double the total drive current. Although the current increasing, the output level of RDS ( 上) Is very low, this can reduce the power consumption of the drive of maximum & ndash; — Even with very small grid resistance, or without any external grid resistance. Because the drive IC compatible control and enable input high 10 the VDC voltage, so it can effectively cope with ground bounce, improve system reliability.
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