Industry 4. In the 0 era, Lang Xianping supported the technological innovation of air conditioning industry.

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-27
Following a month ago, the NDRC asked air-conditioning manufacturers and distributors not to engage in interviews. Over-range price war' Since then, price war has always been a hot topic in the industry and the media. Last night (May 25) The famous financial program 'financial Lang eye' also understands and analyzes the price war of air conditioning. Professor Lang Xianping in the program believes that price war is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. Low-level means' At the same time, he also pointed out that Haier is the representative'Cellular production' The model is becoming Made in China outside the price war. New thinking in line with international trend'. Lang Xianping mentioned in the program that the deep cause of price war lies in the withdrawal of favorable policies and high inventory, but in industry 4. In the era of 0, price war is only a tactical measure to solve the temporary contradiction, while industry 4. 0 opportunity to promote innovation and upgrading is the strategic consideration that determines the overall situation. To this end,'Cellular production' That is, personalized customized production is the right way for the air conditioning industry to solve the transformation problems. Lang Xianping believes that to promote personalized customized production, enterprises need to use Internet means to accurately collect users' needs through interaction with users, thus creating high-value products that meet consumers' wishes. In the program, Professor Lang gave an example of Haier's air conditioner launched in 2014. He showed this air conditioner on the big screen of the program and expressed his view that such an air conditioner with a price of more than 20 thousand Yuan has created a sales record of 1228 units in a single day, it is enough to prove that in the choice of price and value, users are more inclined to meet their own needs of high-value products. In addition to interacting with user requirements at the front end of production, the key to personalized customized production lies in intelligent manufacturing in the factory. Professor Lang also cited his so-called 'represented by Haier'Cellular production' A set of data of the model, and believes that this intelligent manufacturing model is the correct model for the air conditioning industry to continuously improve efficiency and create value for users. ' China's manufacturing industry is currently facing huge difficulties', Continue to fight the price war,'I will cry for China's manufacturing industry! ' At present, in addition to the price war, a group of excellent manufacturing enterprises are exploring in the field of intelligent manufacturing, which not only enables users and scholars including Professor Lang to see'New Hope' , Also let the air conditioning industry, and even China's manufacturing industry see a new path of innovation and upgrading.
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