'Industry 4. Development opportunities of down converter industry in 0 'era

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-23
In'Industry 4. 0' A very important direction is that networked production and digital manufacturing are becoming the key to success or failure, so we should perfectly combine real manufacturing with virtual presentation. The integration of reality and virtual production benefits from innovative software and powerful hardware. Obviously, the Germans use new technologies such as the Internet as a means to continuously strengthen their own industrial civilization, and then hold the ear of global manufacturing. China's manufacturing industry is currently facing a critical period of transformation and upgrading, while the frequency converter and automation industry will start from'Made in China'Xiang'China Zhizao'Play a huge role in the process of transformation. However, in the'Industry 4. 0' In the era, the inverter and automation industry itself are also facing great challenges. The era of hardware competition has passed. Facing the growing pursuit of high quality, low cost, personalization, diversity and energy conservation and environmental protection by customers, this industry must also develop in the direction of green, efficient and intelligent. Therefore, the focus of future competition will be software competition, system competition, and competition between reality and virtual production integration capability, even the competition of global supply chains.
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