Industries and cases of stepping motors

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-17
The industries and cases used by stepping motors, non-standard machinery, medical equipment, winding machine, welding machine spraying machine, ceramic printing machine, battery winding machine, Crystal grinding machine, packaging machine PCB drilling machine, strap drilling machine, computerized flat knitting machine, textile machinery zipper automatic foam machinery, inkjet printer, medical equipment, hosiery weaving machine, shoe making machine ATM machine, spraying equipment, welding equipment, lathe milling machine, bag making machine, sealing machine, trademark printing machine, trademark cutting machine, inkjet machine, lettering machine, photo machine, logistics equipment LED equipment, sorting machine, tape weaving machine, Crystal fixing machine, aluminum wire welding machine SMT equipment, vertical packaging machine, ceramic packaging machine POS machine, Gem drilling machine, gem grinding machine, game machine, the industries and cases used by stepping motors, mechanical matrix walls, three-dimensional platforms, numerical control lathes, numerical control milling machines, dispensing machines, engraving machines, flame cutting machines, hair planting machines, projectors, secondary and three-coordinate measuring instruments, laser equipment, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser imagesetter, wire processing equipment, terminal machine, wire stripping machine, battery equipment, winding machine, battery labeling machine, printing equipment, trademark cutting machine, labeling machine, industry and case SCARA manipulator used in bronzing machine, printing machine and stepping motor Example: dispensing machine dispensing machine mainly moves the trajectory of the products to be processed through XY platform. When dispensing, the speed is relatively low, so this equipment requires high low frequency vibration and noise of stepping motor. This equipment is generally used in a relatively quiet environment, and the precision requirement for dispensing is also relatively high. If there is a problem of processing vibration, the processing effect will definitely be relatively poor, therefore, the effect of our stepping motor application on this equipment is better. The industry and case 6-axis dustproof manipulator used by stepping motor are similar equipment: laser cutting machine, testing equipment, testing equipment, laser welding machine, laser marking machine and jig. Require low-speed and high-speed equipment, the industry and case of stepper motor application PMC007C6SE closed-loop right-angle deceleration integrated machine, engraving machine, engraving machine in addition to the characteristics of low-speed processing stability, it should also have the characteristics of high-speed processing. It is especially difficult for a stepping motor and driver to have these two characteristics at the same time. General stepping motors and drivers are difficult to do. For example, the stability of the three phases will be better, but it is difficult to meet the customer's requirements because the high speed cannot go up. Equipment with similar requirements include: Crystal fixing machine, aluminum wire welding machine, coordinate measuring instrument, tape knitting machine, sorting machine, etc. Industry and cases of stepping motor application, micro closed-loop drive control all-in-one machine TAG stepping, motor, motor application
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