Industrial NEMA34 motor series

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
With high power density, our industrial NEMA 34 Motor has stronger power than motors of the same size due to the combination of fully sintered high temperature NdFeB magnet and optimized stator design. This means that you can combine the existing performance specifications with smaller (And the price is lower)Motor matching, or get more power. Larger continuous capacity combined with multiple innovations can provide more continuous motor performance. The motor housing and internal structure provide a better thermal path from the stator to the free air and the front mounting surface, so it has greater thermal conductivity than other motors. In addition, FEA's optimized electromagnetic design ensures that the motor is converted from electrical energy to mechanical energy (That is, higher motor constant) This means that less motor power will be lost due to external heat. Low braking torque = smooth movement, at braking torque (Cogging torque) On the other hand, special attention is paid to the interaction between rotor magnetic field and stator tooth profile design. Low braking torque can achieve the most stable movement- So as to reduce the heating of the stepping motor to the greatest extent and improve the continuous capacity of the motor. The magnetic design also ensures a sinusoidal torque constant to minimize torque fluctuations when driven using sinusoidal vectors. FEA designed shaft finite is used to reduce stress concentration in the machining area of the shaft (For example, the shaft leaves the fillet of the bearing assembly). This allows the use of ultra-large bearings without reducing shaft strength. TAG
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