Industrial energy saving strong pull inverter market prospect

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
OFwee industrial control net news: frequency converter in many industry can implement efficient managing electric energy, combined with the country is speeding up efforts to promote energy saving and emission reduction, this must drive inverter is widely used in all walks of life. In the 12th China (just finished Tianjin) International industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition, the scene order 973, turnover reached 9. 100 million yuan, its highest since the exhibition held. In recent years, the international exhibition on high, refined, sharp intelligence equipment as an indicator of the domestic industrial automation technology has been closely watched. With the development of industrial innovation, independent research and development of brands and products become the current industry to be bestowed favor on newly. “ Domestic industrial automation development is in a rapid rise, industrial energy-saving strong pull, frequency converter as an important equipment in the field of industrial automation, the future market size is very large. ” Lite-on technology industrial automation product development office, general manager of Yao Ci rong said. Industry strong pull high efficiency, environmental protection for the future development mainstream since the 12th five-year plan issued, become the key to the development of industry, energy conservation and emissions reduction constantly specification of energy conservation and environmental protection products, wide range of industry application, that is more clear. Benefit from energy-saving emission reduction, such as green environmental protection strategy, inverter industry sustainable development be accelerated in our country, the inverter industry expanding market share in China, and with a strong force of development has become an important basis of our country's industrial economic development. At present, our country is in the phase of industrialization and urbanization speed up the development of energy resources shortage and ecological environment fragile, will worsen as a result, improve China's energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment and service level, for large-scale energy conservation and emissions reduction, provides a strong industry support and developing circular economy is the transformation of the mode of development, the inevitable choice of economic structure adjustment. In this level, the huge potential of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China, and drive economic growth prospects. China's inverter market is currently in a period of rapid growth, in textile machinery, air conditioning, elevators, metallurgical and other industries widely used. In the past few years China's inverter market maintained a high growth rate. In recent years, China's inverter market is maintained 12% The growth rate of 15%, is expected within five years, inverter market demand will continue to maintain the growth rate of more than 10%. In a decade later, inverter market is gradually saturated. Domestic markets mature core technology innovation more and more urgent, according to the survey frequency converter plant more than 300 existing in our country, but uneven strength and scale, the mode of production, individual companies still use mill main brands at 20 - 30. Domestic inverter is a foreign brand in the market, foreign brand preconceptions, frequency converter in domestic market share of about seven. The history of most domestic enterprises set up not long, a lot of products into the market time is shorter, the maturity of the product and brand awareness is difficult to compete with international famous brand. Technology and capital strength, and so on, lead to domestic foreign enterprises lies in the inverter brand competition slightly bind. Even so, the domestic current situation of the frequency converter production enterprise is not willing to. Domestic enterprises face starting late, the technology gap between the disadvantaged, after long-term exploration and accumulation of drip and has been a breakthrough technology. In recent years, the domestic market step by step frequency converter has achieved good results. At present, the domestic inverter enterprises on the market share is to catch up with imported frequency inverter products, as well as to narrow the technology gap with foreign enterprises, through the technical research and quality control, on the basis of the guarantee quality, established the domestic inverter product competitive advantage, the localization of application filled the gap on the application of frequency converter products. At present, our country inverter industry increasingly fierce competition. Because of market provides allure extremely, also continue to attract new players to enter the industry, especially the foreign manufacturers. Now existing market has formed a certain scale, development of increasingly mature, the future of resource plundering, market fight will be inevitable. In the process of compete with foreign enterprises, the lack of domestic enterprises in technology will be a big weakness, realize the urgency of the innovation of the core technology will gradually revealed.
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