Industrial development to high efficiency motor and frequency converter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
According to estimation, the future demand of industrial boiler is 130000 units. Calcium carbide furnaces, alloy and steel industry energy saving renovation market exceeds 30 billion yuan. By-product heat pressure recycling aspect, at present, the waste heat power generation technology mature and its main application range of the two industries for cement and glass industries. Predicts 2015, the production line in the power station of domestic cement industry still needs to add about 770, glass industry still needs to add about 210 lines of waste heat power station. Motor system energy saving transformation, utilization rate is still low at present, the high efficiency motor, high efficiency motor only make up about 1% of total sales, has a larger development space. Frequency converter also is growing rapidly in recent years, the market of low voltage inverter market annual compound growth rate of 18%, high voltage inverter market annual compound growth rate of 40%. Machine tool products of high and low degree of automation, speed, accuracy of nc machine tools, such as performance has a crucial influence, also has become an important factor to distinguish the machine class. Advanced automation technology and product, will no doubt become an important direction of machine tool manufacturing industry transformation are looking for, its development potential in this kind of change will be highlighted. These technologies mature, also constantly promote an improvement of machine tool performance. In the machine tool products, especially in the high-end machine tool products, automation technology and products applied to almost from the control mechanism, actuator to measure each part and feedback mechanism, and at present the application in machine tools and machine tool production line of all kinds of automation products, almost all in the new change. In this regard, many frontier automation technology trends have also shown. For example, the application of linear motor, torque motor is a good example. Mazar-e-sharif grams, precision machine most of the specifications of the gantry rail is no longer USES the rolling guide, and converted to a linear motor, THK linear motor under 3000 n load, have been able to reach a speed of 720 m/min, this is a breakthrough. The torque motor can only be used on the small size machine, can now be applied to more and more specifications of the machine tool. As a high-end machine tools in the control center, numerical control system consists of motion control, intelligent technology, since the diagnosis technology, multi-axis system of numerical control devices have been developed and put into application. Servo system control mode, and gradually transition from conventional type signal to the main line; Also to digital servo drive and motor development, communication and intelligent direction.
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