Industrial control frequency conversion competition entered the Warring States period (Figure)

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-02
Technology brand and the ability to provide overall solutions will become the key to market competition. The development of domestic industrial control frequency conversion industry in the next ten years will be driven by two main lines, 1) Import substitution driven by enterprises to improve product quality; 2) Artificial substitution driven by insufficient supply of social effective labor. The development of intelligent manufacturing industry introduces a large number of green intelligent manufacturing equipment to transform traditional factories into automation, intelligence and networking, which will greatly enhance the efficiency and flexibility of industrial manufacturing. In recent years, the downward dip in global fossil energy prices indicates that the old energy-driven industrial economy era is unsustainable, simply increasing energy supply to promote economic growth has given way to the creative supply brought by the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry, and the trend of demand side on the electricity side will become the new theme of the times. Therefore, we believe that the industrial control equipment market on the electricity side will become more and more important, and enterprises with core technology brand advantages and capable of providing intelligent manufacturing overall solutions will win advantages in the market competition. In general, the industrial control frequency conversion industry in the Network Era, the overall competition trend will be: the industry concentration will be further improved, and the full competition pattern will gradually evolve to monopoly competition; From the supplier of industrial control equipment with a single product to the supplier of industrial service solutions; Industrial control equipment suppliers will have more cooperation, penetration and even mutual acquisition with manufacturers in the computer, internet and communication industries. Inverter: industry leading advantages are obvious. In 2013, the top five domestic medium and low voltage Inverter Industry market shares are all foreign manufacturers, followed by ABB, Siemens, an Chuan, Delta and Schneider, the total market share is nearly 70, of which ABB and Siemens have 16. 6%, 15. 4%. The main domestic manufacturers are Huichuan technology, yingweiteng, xinshida, hekang frequency conversion, etc. , of which Huichuan technology market share is the first in China up to 3. 4%. For high-voltage inverters, domestic enterprises account for nearly 80% of the market share in the general field, while foreign brands still dominate the high-performance field. The domestic inverter industry started in 1980s S. At present, there are more than 300 inverter manufacturers. The products are mainly V/F type for low-end and middle-end applications with low technical threshold, A few leading enterprises such as Huichuan technology and yingweiteng have mastered the core technologies of vector frequency conversion and three-power equality, and are actively infiltrating into high-end fields. 123 Next page>
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