Industrial automation promotes the development of frequency conversion industry

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-10
With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, industrial energy conservation has gradually become the core of industrial development, promoting the development of China's inverter industry, and frequency conversion technology is also in the process of transformation from speed regulation to energy conservation. Energy conservation and environmental protection, as the core of China's industrial economic development, not only points out the direction for the sustainable development of China's industry, but also effectively drives the sustainable development of China's inverter industry, china's inverter industry has continuously expanded its market share and has become an important basis point for China's industrial economic development with strong development power. In order to meet the highest power requirements in operation, the output power often has great design redundancy, if the main motor equipment such as fans, water pumps and air compressors in our country meet the highest power requirements in operation, the output power often has great design redundancy, if the use of mechanical speed regulation Energy is greatly wasted on the valve and the door baffle. The frequency conversion technology completes the speed regulation through power electronic control, and the motor is dragged at the back end to increase the speed change range, and the effect is more obvious when the frequency is high. Fan and water pump loads are most suitable for installing frequency converters to save energy. Compared with low-voltage frequency conversion, high-voltage technology is more widely used in sub-industries. Due to its flexible speed regulation function, the inverter products have obvious advantages in the field of power energy saving. As an important component of the industrial control system, they are installed at the front end of the motor to realize speed regulation and saving. The back end of the high-voltage Inverter mainly drags the fan and water pump loads, and the actual power saving effect reaches 30% ~ In 60%, the future market development of this industry will benefit from the transformation of large and medium-sized projects. Low-voltage transformer, frequency converter and control layer and execution layer equipment together form an automatic control system. In the next few years, China's inverter industry will tend to be energy-saving and diversified, and its future development will benefit from the system, industry equipment upgrade. The frequency conversion technology is first used to stepless speed regulation of the motor, and the output frequency is changed by controlling the on-off of the semiconductor device to realize the soft start, frequency conversion speed regulation and improve the operation accuracy of the rear-end drag AC motor, and realize overcurrent, Overvoltage and overload protection. Compared with the past mechanical speed regulation methods, the range of frequency conversion speed regulation is wide, reaching 100% ~ 5%; The control accuracy is high and can reach 0. 5%; Because it is stepless speed regulation, it can realize the soft start of the motor and the full automatic control of the whole production system, thus reducing the impact on the power grid. Relevant experts compared the effects of several major energy-saving products in electrical equipment, among which the efficiency of frequency converter is as high as 30% ~ 60%, only need to be installed in the front end of the motor when using, change the original equipment, the movement is small. Therefore, in the manufacturing equipment upgrade and industrial energy conservation and environmental protection projects proposed in the 12th Five-Year Plan, it is established that the future development of the industry will still take the path of speed regulation and energy conservation. Subdivided into products, it is expected that low-voltage inverters will be based on automation transformation and import substitution, and domestic enterprises will focus on the development of control and driving technologies; The high-voltage Inverter relies on the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy. The downstream is still dominated by large-scale industrial equipment such as electric power, metallurgy and cement. Intensified competition will stimulate the localization of high-performance products.
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