In the next few years medium voltage inverter will continue to maintain rapid growth

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-13
Medium voltage inverter in after the first three years of relatively flat, strong growth in 2011. Compared with other automation products, this is not the bad phenomenon, because of medium voltage inverter market not experience a sharp fluctuations in the global economic recession. At the same time, globalization drives the globalization market growth increased automation and advanced energy-saving electric power equipment in use around the world. Therefore, the use of medium voltage inverter in the part of the industry will continue to increase, such as energy, infrastructure, mining and metals. Energy suppliers for the market demand is expected to dust, the more accelerated the application of medium voltage inverter. Emerging markets will still is the main medium voltage inverter market growth momentum, because they are constantly improve capacity, expand the industrial production. Emerging countries economic growth needs of the market, and want to become more competitive in the global product quality ambitions, are the main factors of medium voltage inverter market demand growth. Infrastructure development trend of globalization for the modernization of infrastructure are of great potential, especially in emerging economies. Airport facilities and building new roads led to metals and mining, cement and glass, the demand for oil and gas industry products. Currently one of the bottleneck of the infrastructure development in emerging economies. Automation is the key to break the bottleneck, and the medium voltage converter is one of the main equipment of automation. North America in 2012, strong medium voltage inverter sales growth to offset the weakness in the Chinese market, this led to a global medium voltage inverter sales growth of 6%, to 26 billion. IHS medium voltage inverter in the latest study, medium voltage inverter sales in 2013 is expected to grow to 8%, which was widely spread regional growth. In North America, unconventional natural gas and oil energy revolution, led to the oil and gas industry in the United States medium voltage inverter sales growth. IHS, forecast the medium voltage inverter sales growth in the americas, will remain higher than 14, 2013. 5%, 2014 will be higher than 9. 5%. The medium voltage inverter market in the United States, are highly dependent on oil and gas industry operation pattern. IHS predicted in 2012, more than 35% of American medium voltage inverter sales lies in the oil and gas industry. The forecast is complicated because, according to some projections, medium voltage inverter sales into the upstream, midstream and downstream application will be split between 2013 and 2017. In the asia-pacific region, in 2012, China occupied two-thirds of medium voltage inverter market, and other parts of Asia accounts for roughly a third. Each region in 2012 showed widely divergent medium voltage inverter sales growth. In China, the excess capacity of metal, cement, shipbuilding, lead to the weak of medium voltage inverter sales in 2012, and other parts of Asia medium voltage inverter rapid growth, thanks to drive sales in southeast Asia. In 2014, China's medium voltage inverter sales are expected to increase, due to various industries demand for medium voltage inverter. However, in America, especially in Latin America, the United States and Canada sales continued to be strong, will drive the whole American sales. Nowadays, industry has been committed to improving energy efficiency, it has become the top priority. In response to the energy supply is not stable, energy management solutions must be readjusted. Medium voltage inverter is the key to realize the goal of energy saving tools. Industrial and commercial efficiency has become increasingly attention, the scarcity of energy and the price of growth and demand for sustainable manufacturing are heralding the medium voltage inverter of the good momentum of development. In a challenging economic environment, in the next few years medium voltage inverter will also maintain rapid growth.
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