In the next decade or inverter development in gold

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-19
As the market is extremely attractive, at present has formed a certain scale, market potential capacity is also very handsome, and constantly attract new players, the development of inverter technology, make the promotion and application of inverter in the field of modern get unprecedented, believes that the application of frequency converter will be more extensive, the market will be huge potential. Along with the development of frequency conversion technology of high speed and comprehensive utilization, make the inverter in cement industry, elevators, printing, electric power and other modern and medical, communications, transportation, transportation, electric power, electronics, environmental protection and other fields have an unprecedented development and application of almost all walks of life of national economy is closely connected with the inverter. Since & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning, energy conservation and emissions reduction is the key to the development of all walks of life, this time, the application of various energy conservation and environmental protection products more widely and more clear. Benefit from energy-saving emission reduction, such as green environmental protection strategy, frequency converter as the important equipment in the field of frequency control of motor speed, its industry to become the next few years the potential market is enormous. According to calculation, the use of frequency converter motor system energy saving rate is generally about 30%, some high places can reach 40% ~ 60%, energy-saving effect is remarkable. Should market demand of energy conservation and environmental protection, frequency conversion domestic enterprises have sprung up in recent years, but on the quality of the product name is only a few big companies. Speaking, according to the personage inside course of study is compared with the frequency conversion enterprises abroad, walk at the top of the technology of several domestic enterprises is of great competitive advantage, the domestic enterprise product design completely suitable for domestic users demand indicators, in performance quite inverter products, in price, a third of the product is higher than domestic products abroad, and foreign enterprises in the aspect of after-sales service is more expensive, most domestic enterprises has the disadvantage of insufficient funds, so can't big hair extension market, believe that as the user to further improve the energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness, after two or three years of its development, domestic enterprises will catch up with and surpass the overseas enterprise, occupy a larger share of the domestic market. With all the market research, according to the current domestic changes with load, energy saving potential of the motor at least 1 in China. 800 million kw. Energy constraints, therefore, energy saving, consumption demand, proposed for the application of frequency converter provides a broader space, also bring more development opportunities to frequency converter. Looked from the overall, at present our country inverter industry increasingly fierce competition. As the market is extremely attractive, not only the market has formed a certain scale, and potential capacity is also very handsome, constantly attract new industry participants. As domestic manufacturers of technological progress and quality stability of ascension, along with the service and price advantage, is expected in the next few years high-end products by foreign manufacturers monopoly market situation will change. China's inverter market has broad space for development, at present has reached 10 billion yuan. With the enlargement of the market and the diversification of user demand, the function of the domestic inverter product is continuing to improve and increase, integration and systematization is higher and higher, and there have been some special inverter products. It is understood that in recent years, China's inverter market maintained a 12 - The growth rate of 15% and is expected to at least the next five years will maintain the growth rate of more than 10%. At present, the Chinese market the inverter installation capacity ( Power) The growth rate of around 20% actually, is expected to at least 10 years later, the inverter to saturated market and gradually mature.
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