In the field of robots in China, breakthroughs have been made in the core technology of AC servo systems

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-10
The industrial robot industry chain can be divided into upper, middle and lower reaches. The upstream is the manufacturer of key components, mainly reducer, control system and servo system. The middle reaches are robot bodies, I . e. machine bases and actuators, including arms and wrists, etc. The robot bodies also include walking structures, which are the mechanical tradition and support basis of robots. The robots produced can only be put into downstream automotive, electronics, metal processing and other industries for end customers after system integration. Overall, the proportion of core components in the total cost of industrial robots is close to 70%, of which reducer, servo motor and controller account for 32%, 22% and 12% respectively. Specifically, the controller consists of hardware design, underlying software technology and upper-level functional application software, which is equivalent to the 'brain' of the robot '; The servo system is mainly based on the servo motor, which is equivalent to the 'nervous system' of the robot '; Reducers are the areas with the highest technical barriers and are often installed at moving joints. At present, there are mainly two kinds of reducers widely used in multi-joint robots: RV reducer harmonious wave reducer. According to the calculation results of Guangfa Securities, the market demand for RV reducers will be 81 by 2020. 50 thousand sets, harmonic reducer demand 63. 30 thousand units, the overall market demand is expected to reach 144. There are 80 thousand units. It is estimated that the price of RV harmonious wave reducer will be around 4000 yuan and 1500 yuan respectively in the future. According to the above calculation process, 2018 ~ In 2020, the domestic reducer market space is expected to reach 31. 7. 1 billion yuan, 36. 7. 6 billion yuan, 42. 6. 3 billion yuan.
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