In the domestic leader in low voltage frequency conversion market regulation in sight

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-23
Our country is the world's coal power, and tons of coal in countries with high power consumption. In the 15th China international exchange of coal mining technology and equipment exhibition, mine frequency converter according to used in coal mine system has good operation effect and economic benefit and get the favour of coal enterprises. Represented by mine frequency conversion equipment, leading enterprise strong intervention in some domestic high voltage inverter in the low pressure and explosion-proof variable frequency domain, has resulted in a low voltage frequency conversion of former melee market is expected by the disorderly and rule. Both meet the needs of the process and to realize saving energy and reducing consumption, show the relevant person in charge of a coal enterprise, told me, with the development of frequency conversion technology in China is increasingly mature, coal mining equipment level enhances unceasingly, more and more application of inverter in the coal mine production, surface and underground in coal mine electrical equipment energy-saving technical renovation, to improve the level of modernization of coal mine equipment and automation, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises has a positive role. A shenzhen inverter company relevant personage of the author, according to our country's mining market, for high voltage frequency conversion is an important field. Mining system emphasizes the security, but China's mining system for many years since the formation of the development pattern in such aspects as resource use efficiency is not ideal, lead to technical innovation, equipment upgrade has a great development space. Safety is the most critical problem mining field, mining system for energy saving as an integral of security, is achieved and the overall system security at the same time. And kang inverter mining group sales director fan yu, told reporters that coal mine equipment such as elevator, belt conveyor adopts frequency converter on the one hand is the need of technology, can realize the soft start equipment, prolong the service life of equipment; On the other hand, can improve efficiency, reduce the energy consumption and achieve energy saving purpose, kill two birds with one stone of it. According to introducing, through the use of frequency converter, fan in coal mine equipment such as energy saving more than 30%. The next page> 123
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