Improve: converter tube home gradually into the electric power industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
It is well known that high voltage frequency converter as control, motor and other large industrial boiler is the main equipment and energy saving, through correlation with production process, general 10 - can be realized 30% of the energy saving effect. To calculate, by 2014, improve the operation at the scene of the working condition of the world, more than 10000 sets of high voltage inverter, the festival capacity is about 144. 6. 7 billion KWH, enough to light up the whole world for 10 hours; Decrease the amount of atmospheric emissions of waste gas of about 1909. 670000 tons, equivalent to planted 3000 hectares of green trees; Reduce the fly ash 133 for the environment. 660000 tons, made a significant contribution to energy conservation and emissions reduction. According to the data supplied and improve, the power industry accounts for about 21% of the market and improve the products, is currently one of the biggest businesses in its market share. In recent years, the country is more and more high to the requirement of energy conservation and emissions reduction of the electric power industry, but also in the power industry and improve the well one of the reasons. Schneider electric ( China) Co. , LTD. , vice President, industrial division inverter business China director Zhang Yanda an interview with reporters, said: the last two years, the whole of the electric power industry reform and clean energy use, coal into gas and so on, is he become the largest market, improve the composition of reason, and he expects: & other; After a few years, the power industry will remain relatively strong. ” After merged with schneider electric, improve gradually by selling products to sell service, the factory also gradually realize the intelligent and humanized operation, with the aid of schneider electric acquisition, the synergistic effect of extended to the field of low voltage frequency converter and its success, implements the covers the high voltage variable frequency and low frequency conversion market complete product line. This is not only upgrade the product, it is also a kind of concept upgrade. In October 2013, improve the introduced a set of remote monitoring, failure prevention, maintenance reminder, remote diagnosis, parameter optimization and equipment archives six functions in one converter tube. Widespread high praise, on August 25, 2014, improve the converter tube V2. 0 updated version is launched new converter tube and the function of the house joined the mobile client APP, launch IOS and Android APP at the same time, the use of mobile phones, mobile equipment such as Pad can be anywhere at any time to check the equipment status. Alarm push that user does not need to open the APP can find abnormal alarm equipment. Trend chart and run reports allow customers to check the equipment at any time and place of running trends and statistics reports. Zhang Yanda said: & other; The field application point of view, the customer's demand is very big. Such as electricity and other large customers, their couplet net hundreds of sets of high voltage motor, remote monitoring, a bit like enterprise cloud. ” Zhang Yanda told reporters that the current converter tube home has begun to gradually into the electric power industry. And industry within a group company and schneider electric aspects have reached cooperation intention: & other; This is not to say that with a few problems, the power industry is the collectivization. We will have a group of recent cases, to help them achieve energy-saving deployment and installation. ” It is conceivable that in the future, and improve the value in electric power industry is not only a power energy conservation and environmental protection, converter tube home more can make the electric enterprise production process more intelligent, security, and thus save more personnel and the maintenance cost, increase the productivity of the whole.
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