I cook drinks jiangshan 2013 China inverter peak BBS

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
In 2013, is destined to be China's inverter industry development is crucial in a year. Outbreak of technological innovation and environmental protection and energy saving industry; Electricity and contributing to social platform; Marketing structure depth correction, repeatedly & hellip; … This is a the worst of times, it is also one of the best times. How to grasp the opportunity of change, the trend of integration, the structure of the industry development; How to take possession of the new servo heights; How to adapt to, mining and cultivate new business model; How to joint ops inverter ecological benign development of the industry chain? “ 2013 China inverter industry chain peak BBS & throughout; The exciting show! As event, inverter authority in the field of industry in China & other; 2013 China inverter industry chain peak BBS & throughout; Got nearly more than 50 public and professional in the whole process of the print media attention, as on May 8, has hundreds of companies and consulting BBS activities process, intends to the authority of the sound in the meeting, will live through graphic reports, network media, the enterprise high-level interview and interaction between the new media form, cutting edge, the most timely report, relevant government departments, trade associations for inverter industry, operating industry, industry, investment community elites propaganda enterprise brand, the promotion of new technologies and new products, to set up the precise customer relationship between supply and demand. The next page 12>
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