Huzhou nanxun open motor 'frequency' era in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-18
As the domestic first direct-drive type inner rotor motor with frequency conversion capability of manufacturing enterprises, located in nanxun economic development zone of the ball machine co. , LTD. , with annual capacity of 2. 3 million sets of variable frequency motor project would be at the beginning of this month the full production. The project put into operation, marking the enterprises to further consolidate the industry & other; Leading & throughout; Status, high-end and moved a big step towards industry. “ Began to develop the frequency conversion motor, from 2011 to 2012 small batch trial-produce, to full production this year, frequency conversion motor accounted for nearly 50% growth. ” Shao Ming yuan told reporters, the general manager of our company, the motor in the application of modern society space is huge, with & other; Energy-saving brand throughout the &; Washing machine motor market, firms began to air conditioner motor now. As nanxun started the earliest, one of the most characteristic of the massive economic district at present, there are more than 40 enterprises motor, tubular motor, shutter machine, washing machine motor, air conditioning, lampblack machine motor, fan motor, etc. All kinds of industrial clusters. “ Industrial agglomeration in nanxun motor laid the monopoly advantage, but on the other hand, nanxun motor industry development process, mainly in the low-end products, profits in one of the many companies a motor even less than 1 yuan. ” Nanxun qualitative inspect branch of director of xiao-min hu tells a reporter, wandering the low-end manufacturing for many years, let many motor nanxun leading enterprises seek to low-end market in the reflection to the path of the high-end market expansion. With keen sense of smell, wei kang electric co. , LTD. Zhejiang and nanyang motor co. , LTD. , the two leading enterprises have smelled opportunity of the development of the inverter. Since 2011, such as LG, daewoo, electrolux brand to provide matching wei kang motor frequency conversion motor production has already accounts for 60% of enterprise capacity; Nanyang motor is currently launching a set of motor, gear box, inverter and controller in the integration of electrical products. “ Such a for motor, platen washing machine will account for a third of the cost of the whole machine. ” Nanyang motor, managing Shen Enming tells a reporter, nanxun motor industry, also have to face the transformation in the pattern change, these changes brought by the crisis, may determines the life and death of a company in a year or two. “ At the beginning of the current energy conservation and environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, under the big background of the national home appliances compulsive standard of energy saving, will become the change pattern of motor industry a sword. Development of variable frequency energy saving motor is a kind of trend. Until next year, the company will abandon the low-end machine production. ” General manager wei kang motor Xu Xinkang tells a reporter, the compulsive standard come on stage is only a matter of time, for a lot of no technical enterprise and power reserve, it would be a death mark.
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