Hunan Provincial Party Committee Releases 10 landmark achievements of manufacturing technology innovation in the province

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-20
On the 28th, the Office of the leading group for accelerating the promotion of new industrialization in Hunan province and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission jointly released the 10 landmark achievements of technological innovation in the province's manufacturing industry in 2015. These 10 major achievements are: the first large-diameter shield machine made in China Railway Construction Heavy Industry, Zoomlion QAY800 all-terrain crane, Lansi technology sapphire production and intelligent terminal application, hengyang special transformer 1000kV UHV generator transformer, Changsha BYD K9 pure electric bus technology for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system of Zhuzhou Institute of CRRC, Hunan Guoke Microelectronics high-performance high-definition network camera (IP Camera) The main chip, the new technology of oxygen-enriched bilateral blowing bath smelting of bismuth-containing materials in Hunan Jinwang bismuth industry, and the 10 innovative technological achievements released by Chutian Science and Technology drug/food rubber plug cleaning machine linkage production line this time, from the projects declared in the province's manufacturing sector, it is selected by the expert review committee on the basis of considering the innovation degree and level of innovation achievements, the driving role and substantive contribution to the development of the manufacturing industry. For example, the large-diameter shield machine of Tiejian heavy industry has filled the domestic gap and broken the monopoly of foreign technology. For the current domestic high-speed rail, subway and other major infrastructure construction, as well as China's high-speed rail equipment going overseas, etc. are of great significance; The 1000kV UHV generator transformer of TBEA has a wide application prospect in nuclear power, UHV power grid construction and other fields, and has achieved a total sales revenue of nearly 0. 3 billion yuan this year.
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