How to solve the overcurrent fault caused by the current of the inverter?

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-11
Analysis: The inverter system overcurrent should be operated at 150% of the rated current for 1 minute, but now the inverter does not rise to the rated load output and suddenly overcurrent, can not operate normally. In theory, when the system is running, the system cannot start running again when there is a phase-out overcurrent alarm trip. The current situation is the opposite. The field engineer will not be able to eliminate the problem after replacing the related components. Measures: according to the situation described above, the overcurrent fault caused by the current is not up, and the problem cannot be solved after the component is replaced. After deep detection, it is found that the noise of the transformer is too large, the system temperature has also continued to rise. After shutdown, it is detected that the insulation resistance of the transformer threading screw exceeds the Ohm value specified by the industry, crush the insulation plate between the lower part of the transformer and the outer casing, increase the common mode voltage of the transformer, generate eddy current, and the transformer loss is too large, serious heating, replace the transformer insulation board to the ground, improve the heating air duct inside the transformer, and make the power transmission and transformation system run normally.
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