How to select fan and pump load inverter?

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-11
In general, the energy saving of production equipment is by reducing its input power or shortening its running time (Can also be used together)To achieve. When the required fan flows and the pump flow decreases, its speed can be reduced and the corresponding input power can also be reduced, thus greatly saving energy; On the other hand, allowing production processes to shorten the running time of intermittent operations and save energy. Fan and pump loads are a kind of torque reduction load. With the decrease of rotation speed, the load torque is proportional to the square of rotation speed, I . e. the load torque is smaller at low speed. In addition, this kind of load does not start and brake frequently, and there is basically no instantaneous overload problem. The choice of frequency converter does not unilaterally pursue high performance, because the higher the performance, the higher the price. It must not only meet the requirements of the production process, but also be reasonable in technical and economic indicators. The fan and pump load are modified by frequency converter. Generally, there is no need to replace the motor, and the original ordinary motor can be used.
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