How to select a linear motor?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-04
With the continuous improvement and improvement of linear motor, linear motor and linear drive technology, more and more domestic enterprises have entered the research and development and production of linear motor, industry demand and domestic linear motor market are also growing. However, when many new types of equipment use linear motors or linear motor modules for the first time, how to select them quickly and accurately has become a big problem. Let Tongmao linear motor teach you how to select them accurately and quickly. Linear motors are also called linear motors and linear motors. They are used in laser cutting equipment industry, semiconductor production equipment industry, flat panel display industry, printing equipment industry, medical equipment industry and precision testing instrument industry, core products applied in different fields such as electronic component surface mount equipment industry, PCB testing equipment industry, logistics equipment industry, etc. Because different specifications affect different motor characteristics and structural development of linear motors, the structure cannot be unified in specifications. Different application occasions and application requirements determine different selection. The following points must be paid attention to when selecting the type: 1. The effective stroke requirement of linear motor movement: namely the distance from one end to the other end; 2. Movement is the time required for the motor movement to complete within the effective stroke; 3. Speed of motion or frequency of reciprocating motion: that is, if the motion time of the motor cannot be accurately provided, the speed or motion frequency of the motor can also be provided to calculate; 4. The load of the motor: that is, the object of how many components the motor needs to load when it is actually moving; 5. Motion accuracy requirement: I . e. repeated positioning accuracy; 6. In addition, there are also problems such as the use environment of the linear motor, the ambient temperature, and the resistance during operation. As long as the above 6 items of data are provided according to the requirements, we can accurately calculate the linear motor (Linear Motor) The characteristic parameters of the, so as to accurately and quickly select the linear motor to meet the demand. For more knowledge of linear stepping motor parameters, please consult Shenzhen ruite Electromechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. Main products: stepping Motor, linear stepping motor, stepping servo stepping driver, stepping motor driver, integrated stepping brake stepping motor, waterproof stepping motor, brushless motor, servo motor and other types of stepping motors, welcome to inquire Related reading: Application of permanent magnet synchronous motor, application of TAG motor in stepping motor, selection, linearity, how?
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